Pre-Exam stress management

Pre-Exam Stress Management
Keeping the motivation high is of great importance, the student and the family should be aware that the exam cannot be ahead of everything else, the attitude of the families is very important, it can reduce or increase the student’s anxiety for the exam. In order to cope with exam stress, we need to find our automatic thoughts that worry us, when we produce catastrophic scenarios, we should know that these are cognitive distortions and we should try to change these cognitive distortions.
The person who will take the exam should prepare himself mentally.
He should also prepare himself by saying “I can do it, I will succeed, this is an important test, but it is not the end of the world” etc. Attention should be paid to nutrition and sleep patterns because we are concerned about the disruption of the circadian rhythm, which is responsible for the synthesis of various hormones such as melatonin, growth hormone, cortisol, neurotransmitter, which affects many of our systems and hormones. increases.

Three techniques you can do yourself to deal with Exam Stress;

You should try to change your cognitive distortions (replace your negative thoughts with positive ones)

You should do breathing and relaxation exercises

The most important thing is the self-confidence of the person and the self-worth of the person.
I wish good luck to everyone who will take the exam.

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