Beauty and skin care products vary. Trends change, seasons change, and the roles celebrities play in commercials change. But some products find a way to stand the test of time.

BOTOKS is one of these products.

The toxin of the microbe that causes canned food poisoning has been separated and produced in the laboratory, and this toxin has been found to temporarily paralyze human muscles. The first application area was the treatment of involuntary muscle spasms. In 1987, Dr.Jean Carruthers is chatting at a checkup appointment with a patient he gave injections to stop involuntary muscle spasm in the eyes caused by a condition called blepharospasm. It was said that the patient was very satisfied with the toxin injections and that his wrinkles disappeared, apart from the resolution of the spasm. This discovery has changed the face of the anti-aging and cosmetic dermatology industry. The popularity of BOTOX as an anti-aging treatment skyrocketed following its approval for cosmetic use in 1993 and has since grown into a billion-dollar industry.

⦁ BOTOX functions by blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles, thus causing the muscle to stop contracting, which forces the skin on it to relax and soften, and eliminates the wrinkles caused by muscle contraction.

⦁ BOTOX is safe as long as it is administered by a doctor who can determine the required amount, know very well the muscle anatomy around the eyes and understand the changes due to aging.

⦁ The effect of BOTOX is long-lasting but temporary. As soon as the wrinkles reappear, making the injections again ensures the continuation of the effect.

⦁ Since BOTOX is a toxin, some people may develop antibodies to the toxin and the drug may become less effective with repeated injections. In this case, your doctor will discuss alternatives and options.

⦁ Wrinkles formed by gravity or sun damage do not respond to BOTOX. For such wrinkles, it may be necessary to apply surgical treatment, fillers and more targeted treatments such as laser skin resurfacing.

⦁ The effect of BOTOX typically lasts up to 3-6 months. Once the effect of BOTOX wears off, your face will return to its pre-injection state, which means the wrinkles will return. If you want the effect of BOTOX to be permanent, the treatment will need to be renewed every 3-6 months.

⦁ After proper administration, effects typically occur within 2-4 days after injection. Maximum benefit occurs around day 14. Although bruising from needles is very rare, sometimes very minor purple dots may occur and these will disappear in about 1 week.

⦁ You may have heard that the more BOTOX injections you get, the less you will need. This is one of the most popular discussions among doctors and nurses in the industry. The basis of this sentence is the assumption that unused muscles will atrophy. On the other hand, the atrophy of the muscles does not keep a face young. Facial paralysis patients have fewer wrinkles on the paralyzed side of the face, but because the facial muscle strength is reduced, the face sags much earlier and looks older in the final total. For this reason, it is important to reduce the hyperactivity in the muscles while applying BOTOX, but not to render them completely paralyzed.

⦁ It is not possible to talk about an ideal age for BOTOX. After all, BOTOX is a drug and should only be used in the presence of conditions that that drug will effectively treat. In other words, you do not automatically become a BOTOKS candidate just because you are 40 years old. The ideal candidate patients are those for whom the changes due to gravity and surface aging have not yet appeared, but the dynamic wrinkles due to hyperactive mimic muscles have become clear enough to impair the patient’s appearance. In my practice, only 20% of patients who apply with a request for BOTOX are truly ideal patients for BOTOX, the remaining 80% I politely refer to other treatment options.

⦁ In men, facial wrinkles add a character, an experience, a firmness, that is, a masculine air. I think that botox application in male patients, even if it removes wrinkles, harms male attractiveness and charisma, and I apply it to male patients in very, very rare cases, provided that they fully meet the indications.

⦁ It is also possible for you to suffer temporary damage from Botox. If the injection is applied to the wrong place, unwanted paralysis may occur in the mimic muscles. These paralysis can impair your smile, speech, facial expression. Low drooping may occur on your eyelids or eyebrows that may cause aesthetic problems.

⦁ Botox application is a slightly painful procedure. As a result, the drug is administered with very fine needles inside the muscles. Surface anesthesia, sensory re-routing, atraumatic technique, fine needle diameter bring BOTOX application comfort to very reasonable levels.

After the application, it will be beneficial to apply make-up, massage, and avoid exposure to high temperatures such as hot showers, jacuzzis, saunas for a few days. If you feel droopy eyelids and squinting in one of your eyes after the application, you should inform your doctor immediately.

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