Postpartum aesthetic applications




Pregnancy and being a mother is the most beautiful and exciting period of a woman’s life. However, for some women, this process also brings with it undesirable permanent physical changes. Many women find it difficult to adapt physically and emotionally to these changes in their bodies.

The postpartum plastic surgery procedures abroad are called mommy makeover operations. We also started to use this term because it describes the process quite well.

Postpartum aesthetic applications; It can be classified as aesthetic surgery operations and aesthetic applications made with non-surgical methods.

Aesthetic Surgery Operations

Stubborn fat deposits after pregnancy: After losing the extra weight gained after the pregnancy period, there may be stubborn fat deposits that cannot be removed with diet and exercise, especially on the abdomen, inner and outer sides of the thighs, knees, hips and upper arms. Persistent fat deposits that cannot be removed despite diet and exercise can be removed by laser liposuction or lipolysis methods that work with Navigation GPS. This system, called Lipocontrol, has become one of the most effective and popular treatment methods of the last period, offering safe and effective treatments.

Breast problems after pregnancy : There are changes in the breasts during pregnancy. The harmony between the skin surrounding the breast tissue and the breast tissue is disrupted. Thus, the breasts may become larger, smaller or drooping.

Breast smallness and sagging can be treated with breast augmentation and lift surgery. If the breasts become excessive after pregnancy, breast reduction is performed.

Post pregnancy abdominal problems: Pregnancy causes the most changes in the abdomen. With the deformation of the muscles forming the anterior abdominal wall, changes occur in the abdominal region. If the birth was done by cesarean section, there may be scars related to the surgery. These changes in the postpartum abdomen can be corrected with Aesthetic Abdominoplasty.

genital aesthetics after pregnancy : In normal deliveries, the vagina is enlarged and there may be tears on the lips. If the necessary repairs are not made, disfigurement may occur and the relationship may be affected. Such deformities are corrected by genital aesthetic procedures.

Non-surgical aesthetics

Excessive hair removal and laser hair removal : Due to the changing hormones during pregnancy, excessive hair growth may occur in some areas. The way to get rid of hair growth with the most effective and scientific methods is laser epilation.

Acne and Spots: One of the areas most affected by the changing hormones during pregnancy is the face area. Structural changes in the sebaceous and sweat glands cause spots on the face, acne and irregular appearance. Sometimes, the spots we call melasma (pregnancy mask) are also encountered.

Treatment of acne and blemishes is carried out successfully in our clinic by using many different methods together. It is possible to achieve satisfactory results in a single session with special peelings developed for stains. Laser methods are often preferred in the treatment of large pores or acne scars.

Skin cracks and surgical scars : Cracks may occur on the abdominal skin due to excessive stretching during pregnancy. Undesirable scars may occur due to surgery in cesarean births.

Today, laser technologies are used in the treatment of skin cracks and surgical scars. The earlier the laser treatments are performed, the higher the effectiveness.

Varices and other vascular lesions: With pregnancy, intra-abdominal pressure increases and blood circulation in the legs slows down. Varicose veins occur in the thigh region and enlarged vascular lesions occur in the lateral regions of the legs and behind the knee. In some cases, these vascular lesions also become evident in the face area. The treatment of varicose veins and vascular lesions is done with laser systems. In some cases, sclerotherapy and foaming methods can also be combined with the system.

Foot health during pregnancy: Due to hormonal changes and increasing weight during pregnancy, problems such as edema, calluses or ingrown nails may occur in the feet. With these changes in the body structure, even simple operations such as nail clipping that the person could do beforehand can become difficult, and deformities may occur in the bones and nails.

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