Postnasal drip

Postnasal drip is the discharge from the nose and sinuses towards the throat. It is the feeling of mucus accumulation in the throat.
Cough is especially annoying when lying down. Mucus of the epithelial layer in the nose and sinuses
It is a secretion it produces.

It is normally colorless. It is sticky in allergy, viscous in infection and takes a yellow-green color. Postnasal drip
It is caused by increased mucus production of the sinuses. Common cold, common cold, allergic
rhinitis is caused by exposure to vasomotor rhinitis and environmental irritant factors (smoking, industrial
chemicals). In addition to these, some anatomical obstacles can also cause postnasal drip.

Among them;

nasal polyp
septum deviation (bone curvature in the nose)
foreign body and
impacted tooth.
Reflux disease, birth control pills, and some nasal sprays can also increase postnasal drip. Nasal passage
If the consistency of the mucus in the discharge is thin, the most common causes are;

upper respiratory tract infection
viral rhinitis (virus-induced rhinitis)
allergic rhinitis
bright light
some blood pressure medications
pregnancy and
are birth control drugs.
The causes of thick nasal discharge are;

weather conditions with low humidity
foreign bodies
some foods and
are allergens.
The following findings are sought with the questions to be asked to the patient:

face and headache
throat ache
nasal congestion
foreign body sensation in the throat
burning in chest and throat
Treatment is based on the underlying cause.

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