Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Events that disrupt the daily routine, develop suddenly and unexpectedly, cause horror, anxiety and panic, and disrupt the meaning processes of the person are defined as traumatic experiences. The person perceived that he was facing a real threat; suffered or witnessed physical harm; If he/she feels excessive fear, helplessness and horror during this time, the situation can be defined as a traumatic experience for the person.

Traumatized people have difficulty explaining what happened to them to other people, even after years. As their bodies relive fear, anger, and helplessness, the urge to fight or flee resurfaces, but it’s nearly impossible for them to articulate.

What are the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder?

Unwanted recurring memories, repetitive and disturbing dreams, insomnia, avoidance of places or situations that remind of the event, the desire to keep everything under control, hyperarousal and increased anxiety, guilt, regret, inability to distinguish reality, bursts of anger, crying spells, concentrating If symptoms such as difficulties, social withdrawal, withdrawal, involuntary re-experiencing of all or some of the traumatic memories persist for more than one month, the presence of TSS should be evaluated.

What can we do to deal with trauma?

Protect: After the traumatic event, try to meet the basic needs such as eating and sleeping.

Get in touch: Get in touch with your family, friends, or government officials you can reach. Reach the experts.

Be patient with yourself: Give yourself time after a challenging event. Nothing will go back to normal right away and all at once.

The greater our awareness, the more likely we are to control our lives. Knowing how we feel is the first step to understanding why we feel the way we do.

Share your feelings, so you can get help from your social circle.

Engage in charity work that will keep you busy, and constructive activities that will help you put your life in order. As you move, negative emotions will stay away from you.

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