Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

All events that occur in an unexpected and sudden manner that injure and frighten the person physically and spiritually are called trauma.

Causes of Spiritual Trauma

  • Wars

  • Rape, torture, assault, robbery

  • Natural disasters

  • accidents

  • Childhood abuse


Each of the symptoms that occur after the traumatic event is actually a normal response to abnormal situations. However, these reactions are conditions that should be treated because they disturb the person, seriously affect his life and can continue for life.

1. State of Increased Arousal: The state of being alert at all times and the expectation that a dangerous event will happen to the person. Sudden sounds and movements such as sleep disorder, loud talking, door slamming, jumping from the startle place and accordingly long-lasting heart palpitations, fear and anxiety. Irritability, anger, feeling of alienation.

2. Re-experiencing the Traumatic Event: Repetitive recall of the traumatic event or disturbing thoughts about the trauma. These thoughts are as real and scary as they were on the day of the trauma.

3. Avoidance : Avoiding situations, events and people that will remind you of the traumatic event. Avoiding cars after a traffic accident, staying away from tall buildings after an earthquake, war victims avoiding loud noises or movies containing war scenes.

It is normal for people who are traumatized to change their thoughts and behaviors after the traumatic event. However, if this change has been present for more than a few months, people should apply for an extension.


  • Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy

  • relaxation exercises

  • Medication

  • Group Therapy

  • EMDR

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