Post-Lipomatic Healing Process

During the post-lipomatic healing process, which is called this vacuuming process, some changes occur in the body. One of these changes is edema. Edema may occur that can be removed from our body within a period of time.

Although this may feel bad for individuals who are considering thinning in a short time band, it should be considered quite normal. Because the occurrence of edema after lipomatic is a very normal situation, which means that this healing process in medicine makes itself felt in the body.

Because up to 5 liters of fat can be removed during this operation. As a result, it may take some time for the body to adapt to such a change.

  • Post-Lipomatic Pain

It is normal for contractions to occur as a result of removing fat cells from the body. Post-lipomatic pain is also a condition that can occur within a week. Also, a point you should pay attention to is that these pains should not follow a course that will affect your daily life.

In addition, regular use of the corset that will be given to you after this surgery helps to relieve your pain as much as possible.

  • Sports After Lipomatic

After lipomatic surgery, bruising and mild pain may occur in the area.

It is also useful to remind you that if you are discharged on the same day and have a job planned the next day, you can do it.

It is generally accepted by doctors that people who want to do sports after lipomatic should wait for a period of 10 days in the post-operative stage. During this process, we would like to emphasize that wearing a corset for a month is absolutely good and accelerates the healing process when doing light sports, walking, going to the workplace and in daily life.

  • Post-Lipomatic Edema

We have stated that there are several issues that occur after the lipomatic procedure, one of which is edema. Edema, which takes approximately 10 days or 2 weeks to be eliminated from the body, does not pose a great danger to you and should not scare you.

Because, in general, it is visibly noticed that individuals who encounter post-lipomatic edema are worried and afraid of this situation. Because, as this should be considered quite normal, you should not forget that it is a situation that everyone who goes through this process gets through. With the fat taken from the body, the body’s response and adaptation process may take some time.

You should know that edema is a normal condition in this time band. As edema accumulates, pain or aches in the body may occur. Your doctor prescribes painkillers as a prescription for you to anticipate these.

  • Post-Lipomatic Sagging

Before the lipomatic procedure is performed, there are several examinations that the doctor generally performs. One of them is to examine whether the elasticity of the skin is considered appropriate.

The result of this is also a very important issue. If the elasticity rate of your skin is low, sagging can be seen in the body after lipomatics. Inflammation may also occur in the area.

In case of taking too little or too much oil in the other case, burn-like scars may occur on the skin due to the disproportionateness. For this reason, the biggest point where experts generally meet is undoubtedly one. It is recommended that you do not perform the lipomatic procedure everywhere.

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