Post-COVID-19 Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety; it basically stems from a state of uncertainty in the face of uncertainty and an effort to control.

The last virus pandemic also showed us that; our health, our job, our loved ones… that is, all the hair legs that connect people to life are in danger. Of course, in this process, we may think that worrying is like an alarm that helps us survive. For centuries, the development process of people has been indexed to survival. So far, everything is normal. But if the alarm indexed to connecting us to life and protection continues to sound without silence… That’s when the real problems arise.

The increased corticosteroid level in the body can turn from sleep-wake, attention-concentration problems, to appetite and weight problems, and finally to a situation that prevents us from doing our energy and life motivation areas, work and responsibilities.

In this process, especially if your anxiety-prone or controlling personality traits are at the forefront, this process can affect you even more negatively.

If you say what can be done; First of all, if you have mental health follow-ups that you missed during this process, the situation should be evaluated as soon as possible. If there are drugs used, the doses should be reviewed.. Outdoor walks as much as possible.. Spending time with your loved ones.. Creating time for your hobbies. Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy approaches may be preferred if it negatively affects your life and functionality.

Untreated anxiety may appear as diseases that are more difficult to solve in the long run.

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