Positive Thinking and Happiness is in Your Hands

Especially in this period when we stay at home, the increasing distress and unhappiness affects almost all of us. So, is there nothing we can do in the situation?

We have all thought that we are sometimes crushed under the heavy burdens of life and that we can no longer breathe at certain times in our lives. In addition to stress and unhappiness, which are the biggest diseases of our age, we feel as if being happy is a luxury, a gift that has not been given to us. However, this is not the case at all. Psychologist Elçin Akdeniz explained what we can do by saying that the feeling of happiness is a habit that is gained through hard work and effort, and a feeling that needs to be worked on.


Happiness and being happy is a habit that needs to be thought about, put into effort and practiced. Just as it takes a certain amount of time and effort to acquire habits, so is happiness, that is, it is in our hands. Looking at the positive side of things and thinking positively are things to practice on, even if the person doesn’t feel that way at the moment. So if we want to be happy, we have to play some kind of conscious polyannaism and make it a habit.


We see some people who seem naturally happy, while others are unhappy for no reason. Among people, these levels can be innate and varied, like intelligence. This is true, but we should not forget that happiness, like intelligence, is a trait that can be developed with effort.

As we condition ourselves and our minds to be happy and make it a game, being happy becomes much easier in these moments when we lose ourselves to the flow and despair. The important thing here is that we can teach ourselves to be happy, and for this we set goals and move forward with determination on the way to that goal.


Many studies over the years have proven that thinking positively can improve our situation even if it is the worst situation in the world, and it can even make us recover faster if we are sick. The purpose of the specialists telling the patients to stay away from stress and to spend their free time with various hobbies is to help the person to continue his life more resilient.

As explained by specialist doctors in “Happiness Lab”, one of the most popular radio programs of recent times, happiness is a feeling that can be learned and develops as you work on it. In short, it is in our hands to be happy, and for this we only need to work on it patiently.

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