porcelain tooth, porcelain bridge

Porcelain teeth are prosthesis applications made to the entire jawbone alone or to the entire jawbone in order to replace the teeth lost for various reasons or to eliminate various aesthetic disorders in the teeth, chewing disorders or asymmetric closure disorders and speech disorders.

Porcelain prosthetic teeth are considered aesthetically pleasing, although they are more matte and not transparent than zirconium.

➣ Porcelain Bridge

Bridge: In the absence of one or more teeth, it is the process of reducing the adjacent teeth and filling the gaps by taking support from the special coatings that come to them.

In cases where the bridge is not made, the adjacent teeth and other opposing teeth of the patient move towards the extraction space. For this reason, deteriorated teeth lead to caries and tooth loss. If these spaces are not restored for a long time, these adjacent teeth may also be lost.

In the prosthesis, it is aimed to correct the patient’s lost oral functions, speech disorders and to gain an aesthetic appearance.

Scope of application;

Material losses due to dental caries or fractures.

Correction of inconsistencies.

Closure of diastemas (tooth gaps).

Correction of discoloration and wear on teeth.

Providing a white smile (aesthetics).

Lengthening of teeth.

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