Porcelain Teeth

Porcelain crown and bridge restorations

Our aim in the restorations we make on the teeth is to improve the function, aesthetics and speech disorders caused by the teeth.

With the prosthesis made, it is aimed not only to improve the nutrition and health of the patients, but also to improve the psychology of the individuals who have to live with missing or destroyed teeth in social life.

Like other organs in our body, our teeth are affected by the troubles of time. With aging, teeth are subject to different degrees of destruction due to fractures, cracks, discolorations, abrasions due to parafunctional disorders, and gingival diseases. At the same time, it causes loss of substance in the teeth, in accidents and caries. In such cases, we call the restorations we make to replace the lost tissues in the treatment of teeth.

We use porcelain material for veneer restorations. Porcelains are restorations obtained by firing ceramic powders at high temperatures. The firing process enables the ceramic to gain similar properties to the enamel that forms the outer part of the tooth, both in color and structure. Porcelain veneers can maintain their color and form stably for many years.

In which cases are crown restorations performed?

In teeth with excessive substance loss due to caries, trauma or any reason

Teeth with color problems

In deformed teeth

Closing the gaps between teeth

In the presence of large fillings

In closing the gaps formed after the gingival operation

When are bridge restorations done?

In cases where tooth loss occurs for any reason, restorations made by taking support from neighboring teeth are called bridge prostheses.

How are crown and bridge restorations performed?

In such restorations, we first need to make a certain amount of preparations on the teeth that will support it.

The amount of this process is determined by the restorative material to be used.

The use of porcelain as a substructure in ceramic applications without metal support allows less preparation than support teeth.

After the preparation, temporary restorations are made so that the patient can easily continue his normal life without leaving the clinic.

Considering the patient’s wishes, the most suitable tooth color is selected.

Our ceramic restoration is prepared and rehearsals are made on the measurements taken.

Restorations evaluated in terms of aesthetics and function by both the patient and the physician are adhered to the tooth with special cements.

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