Porcelain Laminates

Porcelain lamina or porcelain veneer is the process of applying thin porcelain layers to the tooth surface that will cover the front surfaces of the teeth.

Porcelain laminates are generally prepared as 0.5-0.6 mm in thickness and the main purpose of this application is to increase the aesthetic properties of the teeth.

The areas where porcelain laminates are used in general;

  • Arrangement of broken teeth

  • Obtaining a whiter smile on discolored teeth,

  • Arrangement of crooked teeth,

  • Conversion of eroded and distorted teeth to their normal forms,

  • Enlarging small teeth, closing gaps,

  • Arrangement of the forms of worn and lost teeth.

Application of Porcelain Lamina:

  • Since porcelain laminates cover the front surface of the tooth, an enamel tissue equal to the thickness of the porcelain lamina is abraded from the front surface of the tooth.

  • An impression is prepared that includes the abraded teeth, adjacent teeth and surrounding tissues.

  • This impression is sent to the laboratory where porcelain lamina production will be made as a copy of the patient’s prepared teeth and surrounding tissues.

  • In the period to be expected during porcelain laminate production (usually takes between 5 and 7 days)A temporary lamina is prepared on the prepared tooth for tooth protection.

  • Porcelain lamina prepared at the appointment is adhered to the tooth with a special dental adhesive.

Porcelain Laminate Advantages:

  • Their appearance after treatment is very natural.

  • Application is very easy, does not require any surgical procedure

  • The adaptation period is too short

  • They never lose their color and brightness.

  • Correctly applied porcelain laminates can be used for at least 10 years without any problems.

In summary;

At the end of the porcelain lamina treatment procedure, it is a form of treatment in which excellent results are obtained for both the patient and the physician, since the appearance obtained is natural, healthy and highly aesthetic.

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