Porcelain Laminate Veneers

In aesthetic dentistry, many materials and methods are produced day by day in order to preserve the existing tooth structure as much as possible. Porcelain laminate veneer restorations, one of these treatment methods, are frequently used to correct tooth anomalies and mask tooth discoloration. In the successful use of these restorations in the mouth for a long time; The type of material used in making laminate veneers, the type of tooth cut, bonding procedure and patient habits are important. For this reason, proper planning and precision work in the laboratory are important in laminate veneers.

Porcelain laminate restorations, popularly known as leaf veneers, can sometimes be prepared without cutting, depending on the color and shape of the teeth. However, some criteria must be met in restorations prepared in this way. Apart from this, a maximum of 0.6 mm in these restorations. cutting is done. These values ​​mean minimal cutting in the natural tooth. This offers patients a harmless treatment option. For this reason, these types of coatings have recently started to be preferred more by patients.

In laminate restorations, planning with a smile design before starting the treatment and preparing a prototype suitable for patient expectations offers a very comfortable treatment option for both the patient and the physician. Thus, the patient can directly see what he will look like before starting the treatment by looking in the mirror. Such a preparation is the key to success in aesthetic treatments such as laminate restorations.

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