Porcelain Laminate

What is Porcelain Lamina?

Laminas are very thin porcelains that can be applied especially in anterior teeth. Strengthening the physical properties of porcelain has enabled them to be made much thinner. Today’s dentistry emphasizes restorative procedures that require less tissue loss with a more conservative approach. Porcelain laminates are restorations that can be applied from dental tissue with little or often no preparation. The very good color permeability of the laminates, which are adhered using special adhesives, provides aesthetically perfect results. The fact that laminates are healthy, durable and have very good color stability has made them a very common restorative option today. Very thin laminates are produced with precision techniques. This ensures perfect compatibility with the teeth and surrounding tissues.

What is the lifespan of laminates?

It is very important to use suitable porcelain and bonding materials in laminates and to be done by specialist physicians. With a good oral care applied by the patient, it can be used for many years as on the first day.

Which patients can laminates be applied to?

Front group teeth with discoloration problems, crooked, irregular, crooked teeth with level problems In split teeth Large, old and fillings with color problems In restorations of broken and worn teeth In discolorations due to the use of antibiotics and excessive fluoride that cannot be treated with whitening Cosmetically, the patient is not satisfied with his teeth can be applied in situations

Who can laminates be applied to?

It can be easily applied to every patient except those with parafunctional habits such as nail biting and teeth grinding, excessive jaw disorders and tooth damage.

How are laminates made?

First of all, the smile design of our patient is determined. Studies are made on the models obtained from the patient together with the photographs and films taken. The doctor and the patient decide on the final form of the tooth by making the necessary corrections on the composite restoration. Necessary preparations are made on the tooth surface and the patient immediately starts to use the temporary restorations. After the porcelain rehearsals and sequencing, they are adhered to the tooth with special adhesives that are very strongly bonded to the tooth structure. Final correction and polishing is done in the mouth.

How to care for laminates?

Their care is not much different from natural teeth, with good oral care, they can be used for years without any problems. Everyone deserves a beautiful smile. Laminas are aesthetic and long-lasting restorations that can be made on the tooth tissue for this smile without applying almost any operation.

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