Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain fillings were developed to counter some of the shortcomings of composite-based beam fillings and amalgams. Some shrinkage occurs, albeit at a very low rate, during the hardening of the beam fillings. Porcelain filling is prepared in the laboratory on the impression taken after cleaning the caries in the mouth in order to eliminate this undesirable situation. After the porcelain filling in the form of a block is placed precisely in its place, it is adhered with special adhesive systems. The inlay filling prepared in this way has the high strength of the porcelain, its polish does not deteriorate over time as it is made at high temperatures, its color does not change, its adaptation with the adjacent contact tooth and gingival harmony can be prepared much more precisely. In addition to having superior aesthetic properties, porcelain fillings have an important place among aesthetic dentistry applications thanks to their hygiene, durability and sensitive adaptation.

Particularly in large carious cavities with excessive material loss, beam filling is preferred over amalgam filling or porcelain veneer. It is possible to restore the tooth with less material loss than porcelain veneers. Since there is a large loss of material in the teeth that have undergone root canal treatment, the risk of breaking the tooth or filling is very low if porcelain filling is preferred.

Amalgam filling, which has been used successfully in dentistry for many years, is not preferred by patients today because it is not aesthetic. Scientific researches are also carried out on the effect of the mercury it contains on human health.

Composite fillings are incorrectly called laser fillings because the beam source is likened to a laser by the public. However, laser filling is different. Instead of the aerator and diamond bur used to clean the caries, the caries are cleaned with the hard tissue laser used in dentistry and the tooth filling is finished using classical methods.

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