Play Therapy

A play therapist is needed for children to develop their playing skills and to build a safer environment. Children’s play therapist support will help them express their feelings and thoughts better. Under normal circumstances, it is difficult for children to express themselves and realize their skills. This is true for children, just as it is for adults.

The game played by children; It is extremely important in terms of expressing what they want, transferring their lives, and satisfying themselves. Toys take on the role of a mediator so that children can better express what they want to tell. Children who are introduced to toys have the ability to learn in an environment where there is less risk.

What Does a Play Therapist Do?

The play therapist detects mental disorders and behavioral problems in children. Helps solve children’s emotional and behavioral problems. It provides support for children to reach their awareness of whatever situation affects them. It helps to better manage the emotions such as jealousy, anger and disappointment experienced in the inner world of children. With the play therapist, the deficiencies in the children are determined and tried to be eliminated. The advantages of getting help by going to a play therapist are as follows;

  • Children overcome their fears with play therapist

  • Helps express emotions more comfortably

  • They have the chance to cope better with the problems they have experienced.

  • With the support of the play therapist, children have the ability to communicate better with adults.

The benefits of play therapists are many. It is of great importance for the further development of children’s emotions. It helps to solve many things from children’s needs to their desires.

When to Consult a Play Therapist?

One of the questions asked about the play therapist is when to apply. Children aged 2-12 can get support without any problems by applying to a play therapist. Children in this age group receive psychological and behavioral training. In this way, it is ensured that all negative behaviors such as anxiety, obsession, harassment, trauma, divorce, sibling jealousy, and pooping that appear in the inner world of children are eliminated.

It helps to eliminate any imaginable problems such as self-confidence and skills. Since play therapies have highly curative and effective solutions, services should be sought from play therapists.

What Does Play Therapist Gain Children?

The advantages of play therapists for children are many. It allows even children who are introverted and have problems with self-confidence to develop themselves better. Positive habits and changes that the play therapist will bring to the child;

  • Provides better recognition of emotions

  • Contributes to the development of problem-solving skills

  • Helps reduce problematic behaviors

  • Important for the development of self-control

  • It gives them an effective feature to take responsibility for their behavior.

  • It provides the acquisition of needs and at the same time the transfer of emotions in better ways.

Play therapist services are among the operations performed while the child is playing in the playgrounds. The therapy session takes place in about 20-30 minutes. During the game, the child’s behaviors are examined and their deficiencies are determined.

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