Plastic surgery in men

Recently, the number of plastic surgery applications among men has been increasing. The reason for the rapid acceptance of many aesthetic interventions for women by men is that professional achievements are now compatible with good looks in today’s society.

Among men, hair transplantation and rhinoplasty take the first place among the most frequently performed aesthetic interventions in our country. Foreign data shows that the application of liposuction among men has increased by 80% in the last 2 years.

Aesthetic and Plastic surgery in FUE hair transplantation has made patients with realistic expectations more happy. With this intervention, which is difficult and requires the participation of many people, hair tissue transfer is carried out from the nape of the neck, where the hair is dense, to the sparse area.
In the transplantation process, a piece of tissue containing live hair follicles is taken from the dense, healthy and non-shedding hair follicles between the two ears by a small surgical method. The hair follicles inside the tissue piece are divided into micro-grafts, that is, single and double hair follicles. In completely opened or thinned areas, thin channels in the size of a pinhead are opened under the skin and hair follicles are left inside. Since the hair roots are alive, they grow in the same way as they grow on the nape of the planting area.

The procedure, performed by specialist doctors and nurses, takes 4 hours. It is performed completely painlessly with local anesthesia. It has no side effects. Hair transplantation (transplantation) prices (fees) vary according to the width of the area, the number of grafts to be transferred, and the hair transplantation team that will perform the procedure (depending on the hair transplantation centres, hospital or team).
A significant increase in upper eyelid stretching, breast size in men (gynecomastia) and prominent ear aesthetic surgeries is also seen among men, since it gives results in a short time and can be done with regional-sedation anesthesia among other applications.

After the upper eyelid stretching surgery, which lasts between 25-35 minutes, the eyes are not closed. In addition, this application, which does not require hospitalization due to regional anesthesia, does not prevent the return to business life for a long time. Depending on the genetic and tissue differences of individuals and smoking, it may take 1-3 weeks for edema and bruises in the eye to disappear.

Most of the gynecomastia surgeries are again performed under local-sedation anesthesia with liposuction applications, which we can conclude in a short time.

There are 2 problems that cause breast enlargement in men, the first of which is excessive fat in the breast that develops secondary to obesity or a structural disorder, and the other is gynecomastia. The treatment of breast size in men due to excessive lubrication is performed with local anesthesia in a very simple method, liposuction, in a period of half an hour and does not require hospital stay.

If gynecomastia; It is the persistence and non-regression of breast enlargement, which is frequently seen in men during adolescence. Sometimes, it can also occur due to some diseases, medications or weight changes in advanced ages. Vacuum suction, or surgical tissue removal techniques can be used in the treatment of gynecomastia, which can be classified into 3 degrees.

The prices of breast reduction (gynecomastia treatment) aesthetic surgery in men vary depending on the team that will perform the operation and the hospital. Diagnosis Consult your doctor for treatment. The doctor you will apply to will tell you about the methods of this surgery and will also share with you the sample patient pictures he made.

Again, in advanced ages, conditions such as hair loss, sagging of the face and eyelids, nose shape and breathing problems, breast size, which distract the person from a vigorous and masculine body, reduce self-confidence and cause hesitations in social and business life. Especially for men in the 40-50 age group, they have begun to attach importance to aesthetics in order to close the difference in appearance and success between them and the lower generation at work. As a result, demand for face lift surgeries is increasing after eyelid aesthetics in facial aesthetics.


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