Plastic surgery has an “aesthetic” and a “surgery” part…

When aesthetic surgery is mentioned, aesthetics comes to mind, but sutures, dressings, swelling and edema are forgotten because there is no “aesthetic”. Plastic surgeons are not magicians. These occur at the end of every surgical procedure. When your first dressing is opened, you should know that when you see your surgery site as edematous and swollen, this is temporary, these swellings will decrease with each passing day, the bruises will pass, and your stitches will be removed when the day comes.

The patient, who seems very willing before the aesthetic operation, may react as “I will never be aesthetic again” when he sees the dressings and stitches after the operation. As the days pass, she sees that everything is getting better, and her satisfaction increases when the stitches are removed and the swelling goes down. After the recovery is completed, he is encouraged to have another plastic surgery, and does not hesitate to apply for a new operation.

Are you ready for plastic surgery?

– If you want plastic surgery not to be “someone else”, but just to be “yourself”,
– If you know that plastic surgery cannot solve all your problems in your daily life,
-When you list the defects you want your doctor to fix; if you can be open to your doctor’s suggestions,
-Not what you imagine; if you can accept the realistic goals your doctor has set,
– If you accept that plastic surgery has its limits,
– If you do not think that you will not grow old after the operation, if you do not think that you will always remain the same,
– If you focus only on the aesthetic part of the event and do not forget the “surgery” part,
– If you can foresee that the recovery does not occur the next day, but takes a certain period of time,
– If you know that complications may occur at certain rates at the end of any surgical intervention and you believe that you can carry out the treatment in cooperation with your doctor,
– If you accept that minor correction surgery may be required at the end of the recovery period.
We can think that plastic surgery is suitable for you and you will get positive results.

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