Male-female relationships are exciting when they first start. A life full of happiness, which is thought to last forever, begins with the spouses trying to get to know each other and the joyful and entertaining lifestyle experienced at this stage. However, with the passage of time, things that used to be exciting will not be as enjoyable as they used to be. Over time, couples begin to engage in life’s routines such as cooking, cleaning, going grocery shopping, raising children. The days when they primarily devote their time to each other are slowly fading away. Other pursuits take over the relationship, and couples forget what to keep the passion alive. At this stage, everyone’s thinking is the same: Why isn’t anything the same as before? But still, do not despair.

The most frequently asked question to us is: “What do you attribute the breakdown of marriage or relationships to? Economic difficulties? Not being able to speak? Lack of money? Jealousy? Infidelity? Indifference? Lack of education? Personality conflict?..” Most of these are symptoms. The real reason is anything that weakens the bonds of love, respect, and trust. The materials of the mortar that hold two people together consist of love, respect and trust.

There is no problem between you and the person you love, at least not on the surface… But your relationship is getting worse every day… You got up at six in the morning, you worked non-stop throughout the day, and when you got home in the evening, you couldn’t even lift a finger. Moreover, this is the case with the man you are madly in love with and share the same house with… Especially if there are children, to meet their needs, to feed them, to make them sleep… Then you cleared the table and glanced at the newspaper while he was staring at the TV, and you managed to pass the entire night without speaking. Because you were absolutely in no mood to talk. Then you got sleepy early and you just threw yourself on the bed and “leaked”.

If your nights have started to pass like this, it means that you are dealing with a typical problem of the modern world. The reflection of the intense and tiring pace of business life on your relationship will cause arguments that break out for no reason, tensions will cause fights, and it will even start to distance you from each other. Because the communication between you has been broken unconsciously, against the will of both of you. Now you have become too lazy to talk, to ask him how his day was and to listen to what he has to say. A high “wall of fatigue” has formed between you, and it grows higher every day. However, the things that keep a relationship alive are the moments shared together, the shared experiences.

Love is a fire. It must be constantly burned and fed. Just as the fire goes out when you are not taken care of, the fire of love goes out. The first thing that ignites love is attention. It is to value fire, to take care of it. Everyone has a house where they live. Constant care and attention is required to protect the house from destruction and wear. If left, the house will fall apart. If the repair is delayed, deterioration begins. Paint is required at certain intervals. In the simplest way, since an object, a car, can be destroyed due to indifference, love, which is the most important bond in human relations, will also fall apart and rot if it is not given constant care and attention.

When people lose interest in each other in a relationship, they turn their attention to other things.
To children, career, household goods, sports, fashion, housekeeping, passion for cars, fame, wealth… In such cases, marriage will be neglected because it is neglected and wear and tear, that is, problems will begin.

A person who is focused on business success may feel a mental regret when faced with the “real world”, such as making time and caring for their spouse when they get married. If the man is selfish, trouble will begin. As a reason for not spending time at home, he says, “I already work for you, I have no choice but to fight for bread”. If he doesn’t think that a quality time together, even if it’s short, can bring both business and home success together, storms will begin. Is it only men who are uninterested? Of course not… It is also not uncommon for spouses to become immersed in the home, with things, or who do not say “Welcome” to their husbands because of taking care of the children. If the man, who is together with well-groomed and glamorous women all day, is at home with a woman who is a good mother, a good housewife, but not a good wife and friend, he will begin to question his marriage.

In order for the relationship to last long, it is important that the parties are equal and equal. There is one exception to this, “Friendly feelings”. People who you cannot call husband and wife when they stand side by side are in such sharing that they feel very happy and safe when they are together…
In such people, after the love was caught, it could be fed with some customs and behaviors.
The most important feature of friendly behavior is to try to please ‘him’. To make efforts in accordance with his tastes, wishes and expectations. Receive small gifts. Knowing that the most important gift is the time devoted to it. Putting your own interests first. The most important sincere, unrequited, sincere love.

Mevlana said, “People understand each other not by what they say, but by their feelings.” Emotions are perhaps the most common point of humanity in the universe. The more changeable the ideas, ideologies, thoughts, judgments, the more common the emotions. Perhaps the main cause of conflicts on earth is the inability to speak with emotions. It is possible for spouses to make their voices heard by following this universal rule. It is necessary to share feelings, not judgments. Couples who can achieve this can make their marriage happier, more fulfilling and more sharing.

As I write, the details to be written increase… Let’s not forget that the best lovers are not the most emotional people, but the people who spend the most time and trust each other.

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