Phytotherapy- herbal therapy

Phytotherapy is a science as old as human history. It is a branch of science that aims to use herbal medicines in treatment. It aims to treat and prevent diseases before they occur with natural cures prepared by using all parts of some plants and certain parts of some plants.

Pharmacognosy (Plant Science) and Phytotherapy (Herbal Therapy) education, diagnosis, clinical and treatment require a certain scientific ethics and discipline. Even a very well-known sage grows in nature in 80 different varieties. Even experts sometimes cannot distinguish whether the plant is toxic or not when they look at the plant with the naked eye and define it in the laboratory environment.

In which ailments is phytotherapy used?

* Artery and vein blood circulation disorder

* Heart diseases, blood pressure problems

* Diabetes (Diabetes)

* Stomach and intestinal disorders

* Respiratory diseases, Asthma

* Migraine, other headaches

* Allergy, Skin diseases

* Rheumatism, Osteoporosis

* Depression, Panic attacks, Nervous diseases

* Insomnia, different crisis period problems

* Overweight (obesity), Inability to gain weight

* Gynecological diseases, Menstrual irregularity

* Depression period in women, difficulties in entering menopause

* Thyroid gland diseases

* Post-chemotherapy treatment

* Kidney and urinary tract diseases Etc.

* Diseases related to colds, Influenza (Upper Respiratory Tract Infections -URTI)

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