Physical Therapy Methods

Physical therapy methods are within the scope of professional methods applied to people who experience various physical ailments. Various physical treatment methods are applied to the physiotherapists, whom you apply for rehabilitation processes such as neurological, pulmonary and neurological disorders diagnosed by specialist physicians, or to increase the quality of life and reduce existing pain to a minimum level according to post-operative/pre-operative needs.

During physical therapy, the most popular physical therapy methods consist of:

  • Manual Therapy

  • Electrotherapy

  • Exercise

  • Banding

  • hydrotherapy

  • ultrasound

  • Superficial cold and hot applications

  • magnetotherapy

These most commonly used methods are routinely performed in sessions by physiotherapists and patients’ discomforts are relieved over time. In particular, the increase in pain in the body as a result of physical problems has made it necessary to take people to physiotherapists. In addition, physiotherapists also try to minimize body pain and advance the process in the best way.

To Whom Physiotherapy Applications Are Made

Physiotherapy applications are generally applied to people who have physical problems and therefore have a low quality of life. Accordingly, physical therapy methods;

  • Those who have pain in the shoulder, arm, leg joints,

  • Patients who are not in the active period of rheumatic diseases,

  • Those who have weakness in the muscles after orthopedic surgeries,

  • Those who experience limitation of movement along with pain in their joints,

  • Those who experience stiffness in the joints after plaster cast due to fracture, injury, dislocation

is implemented. The life constraints of these people who have physical problems are also getting narrower and they have difficulty in doing their daily routines. In such cases, patients can improve their physical problems by attending sessions with physiotherapists, and as a result, they can regain their former health.

In general, physical treatment methods are the whole of the methods that are considered for the recovery of the patients, together with the routine sessions carried out by the physiotherapists with the recommendation of the specialist physicians.

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