Physical therapy methods in scoliosis


Scoliosis is the lateral curvature of the spine when viewed from the back (10 degrees or more). It is a type called “idiopathic scoliosis”, the cause of which is not fully known. Genetic and environmental factors are emphasized. It is 8-10 times more common in girls during adolescence.2. It is the type that is related to muscle-nerve disease, which is often called “neuromuscular scoliosis”. It can be seen in muscle diseases such as cerebral palsy (cp), polio (polio) sequelae, meningomyelocele, muscular dystrophy. Congenital scoliosis (congenital) type has a progressive course, spinal anomalies It is seen together with both sexes. Scoliosis that occurs at older ages can develop after previous trauma, infection, in rheumatic diseases, osteoporosis (bone loss) and osteoarthritis (calcification).

In scoliosis, curvature in the back, low shoulder, protruding scapula, disruption of symmetry in the chest, asymmetry and skin changes in the hip can be seen.


Exercise and Physiotherapy

In the treatment of scoliosis, planning is made according to certain algorithms. If it is detected early and detected at a low angle, preventive treatments are at the forefront. Scoliosis exercise planning is extremely important. The exercises performed with the Schroth method come to the fore. These exercises are intense programs that last for 1 hour. The body balance is restructured in 3D. It includes stretching, strengthening and breathing techniques. It can be done as individual or group therapy. In recent years, biofeedback It can be performed in a device-assisted exercise program called valedo, which includes a mechanism. It is a motivational program, with a system that reinforces progress.


Ideally, after 10 years of age, riser stage 1-2 (early stage of bone development), if the cobb angle is between 20-40 degrees, it is before menarche or after a maximum of 1 year.

Surgical Treatment

It can be applied to patients with complete skeletal development, if the Cobb angle is over 40 degrees, if it has a progressive course, and if bracing is unsuccessful.

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