Physical Symptoms of Psychological Disorders

Depression can affect our minds as well as our bodies. People who are depressed may have trouble sleeping. It can manifest itself as a desire to sleep too much or not being able to sleep. This sleep problem affects our body negatively and thus physical pain can be seen. While sleep problems can cause physical pain, confusion in our minds can also cause physical symptoms. Depression causes chest pain, fatigue, and muscle soreness. The diet of individuals with depression also changes. Either they don’t want to eat anything or they feel the need to eat too much to suppress their emotional emptiness. For this reason, changes can be seen in their appetite and weight. In addition to nutritional problems, headaches are also common. Back pain and sexual problems are among the physical symptoms. Depressed individuals may lose interest in sex.

Bipolar disorder is called manic-depressive. So this problem has two ends. People with bipolar disorder periodically oscillate between manic and depressive disorder. People who are depressed experience a loss of energy. In this case, physical pain can manifest as back pain and muscle pain. In the manic period; They feel the need to sleep less and eat less. For this reason, it causes sudden weight loss along with loss of appetite. There may also be an increase in sexual urges.

Things happen every day that worry us. It is quite normal for us to be worried about these things, but if this anxiety shows itself constantly and obsessively, an anxiety disorder occurs. Some physical symptoms can be seen in people with anxiety. The most common symptom among these is increased heart rate. In situations of fear and anxiety, more blood is pumped to the heart. Therefore, at these moments, our heart rate increases compared to normal. However, shortness of breath can also be seen. Anxiety disorder also causes disruption in our sleep patterns. With the disruption of sleep patterns, a feeling of constant tiredness may also occur. In the face of intense stress, our muscles are stretched and neck and back pain may occur. However, physical symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, excessive sweating, tremors, and quick startle may also occur.

People with borderline personality disorder experience tides in their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. These tides affect a person’s social life, business life and friendship relations. It can accompany diseases such as depression in people with borderline. For this reason, physical symptoms such as loss of appetite, increase in appetite, muscle aches, headache, diarrhea, constipation can be seen. Self-harming behavior can be seen in these people. For this reason, there are also symptoms such as substance use and sudden overeating.

In obsessive compulsive disorder, people have repetitive thoughts called obsessions. Compulsions (behaviors) appear to relieve these thoughts. For example, the desire to constantly clean, the desire to control, etc. it could be. In this case, people experience anxiety and stress. As physical symptoms, symptoms such as loss of appetite, deterioration in the digestive system, sleep disturbance, and excessive sweating may occur due to excessive stress and anxiety.

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