Phobias, phobic situations, phobic objects.

This week, I will add “specific phobias” to the subject of “phobia”, which brings out anxiety and fears. Afterwards, I will continue to write about other topics in the sea of ​​psychology.

Specific phobias are phobias that cause abnormal fear and are restricted to a situation or object, as the name suggests.

Actually, it is not my intention to use the terms “one” and “restricted” to mean “just a phobia”. Because people can have more than one phobia.

The situation of the concept of limitation in specific phobia,

When we look at agoraphobia and social phobia aLocation, aWe do not see definitions such as community because people generally experience intense anxiety and fear about crowded places in the community.

You can get detailed information about both subjects in my articles about agoraphobia and social phobia.

When we look at the specific phobia, it would not be correct to generalize.

For example, we cannot say that a person with a phobia of “cockroaches” has a phobia of animals. Because this person is a cat, dog, etc. He may even love you.

Specific phobia is divided into three according to the stimuli that increase fear and anxiety. These;

Object phobias (insect, butterfly, dog, cat, snake, sharp objects, etc.)

Situational phobias (indoor, outdoor, height, elevator, darkness, etc.)

Function phobias (incontinence, gas, choking, vomiting, etc.)

In the studies conducted in Turkey, it was concluded that the most common phobia is “situational phobia” and that phobias are more common in women than in men.

When you talk to people with phobias, you may find that they say that their fears are meaningless and unnecessary. Although they express this situation, the fear and anxiety they experience when they encounter the phobia object rise to the same level as the person who has a “panic attack”. We can call this a “phobic attack”. Due to the intense activation in their bodies, these people may experience “fainting”. While the fainting reflex means defense for the alarmed body, it is actually a healthy defense for the person.

The biggest mistake made against the person who wants to overcome the phobia but is not ready is to expose the phobia object. It can increase the level of the person. At this point, it will be in the best interest of the person to get help from an expert.

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