Pharyngitis and Treatment Tips

What is pharyngitis?
Pharyngitis, which is among the most common diseases we encounter in winter, is the Latin name of the Pharynx (pharynx)
is an inflammation of the throat. Especially in people who stay together in closed environments during the winter months.
cause inflammation of the throat (pharyngitis). The pharynx is sometimes microbial, sometimes metabolic, and sometimes
Pharyngitis, which is a reaction depending on the heat and dust of the working environment, is often a sore throat or
It is called a sore throat. Almost everyone has pharyngitis more or less.

What are the Symptoms of Pharyngitis?
Pain in the throat, burning, dryness, itching,
Difficulty swallowing.
sound muting,
Weakness, fatigue,
runny nose,
Sensitivity to dust and food develops,
Some have pharyngitis for a long time and do not have many disturbing complaints. This
In this case, pharyngitis has become chronic. A condition called chronic pharyngitis occurs. Pharyngitis
When it is very severe and newly seen, it is called acute pharyngitis. If you have pharyngitis
You should consult a specialist doctor to find out if it is not.

Acute Pharyngitis Symptom
The patient’s complaints are more pronounced. sore throat, difficulty swallowing, dryness of the throat, burning or
there are complaints such as itching, fever, cough and cold. Nasal congestion, runny nose, headache,
It can be seen in complaints such as weakness, malaise, hoarseness. Acute pharyngitis can happen to anyone.

Chronic Pharyngitis Symptom
In chronic pharyngitis, complaints such as fever, weakness and malaise are not evident. pertaining to the throat
complaints are milder, but they never disappear with this complaint or they occur frequently. dry throat
sensation, tickling, burning, dryness, foreign body sensation, tripping, mild difficulty in swallowing
(Makes it difficult to swallow, as if there is a lump in the throat).

It can be accompanied by a cough in the form of a tickling cough. Patients will relax by clearing their throat.
They get the feeling and make a constant cleaning movement. However, this is often more irritating to the throat.
causes it to.

Some symptoms of pharyngitis are similar to those of laryngeal cancer. For example;
Hoarseness, strangulation in the throat and ear pain can also be seen in Throat Cancer.
in your long-lasting problems, for example, in long-term hoarseness (hoarseness caused by cold
days) must be consulted by a specialist physician. This is very important for early detection.

Ways to Avoid Pharyngitis

To prevent pharyngitis, it is necessary to quit smoking. Extreme heat and cold that irritate the throat
food should be avoided. Clearing the throat should not be done as it is an irritant. dusty and
It is necessary to stay away from dirty environments and closed places. Washing hands frequently helps prevent infection.
it is helpful. If you have allergies, you should avoid the things that cause it. Stomach acid escaping into the throat
If you have a problem such as reflux, reducing drinks such as tea, coffee, alcohol, cola.

A proper life, regular sports and not being without vitamins provide protection from pharyngitis.
in situations

How Do We Get Pharyngitis?

The back of the throat is sensitive to germs, dust, heat. Both acute pharyngitis and chronic pharyngitis
Although the causes are similar, there are slight differences.

Although viruses play a role in chronic pharyngitis, there is usually a throat irritant factor. Cigaret
and alcohol use, dry weather, extremely hot or cold foods, and acidic beverages. Also,
When the nose is blocked, it becomes easier to have pharyngitis. People who are constantly exposed to irritants
pharyngitis becomes chronic.

In acute pharyngitis, the cause is usually a virus or bacteria. Throat Irritating causes of acute pharyngitis
delays the treatment period. Seasons are a factor in the formation of pharyngitis. Incidence in indoor environments
is too much.

Reflux Pharyngitis relation
In some of the reflux patients, the stomach or chest due to the damage caused by the acid in the esophagus.
Burns may occur behind the cage. However, in most patients with pharyngolaryngeal reflux, this
no complaints. The reason; This is because the acid that causes irritation does not stay in the esophagus for too long.
When this acid reaches the more sensitive larynx and throat, these areas are easily irritated.
without stomach and esophagus complaints, complaints about the voice and esophagus occur.
Reflux disease has also been seen in a significant portion of people who frequently have pharyngitis or laryngitis problems.

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