Persuasion, manipulation, ignorance and the brain in the devil’s shoes

Speech on ”Persuasion, Manipulation, Ignorance, and the Brain in the Devil’s Shoe”
By Expert Psychologist Beste Ayangil;
Covariance Model Evaluation in Attribution Theory
Position Dimension Evaluation in Attribution Theory

Education Title: Persuasion, Manipulation, Ignorance and the Brain in the Devil’s Shoe
Organizing the Training: TedX Alsancak
Place of Education: İzmir/Alsancak
Educator: Prof.Dr.Ugur Batı
Education Subject: Prof. Dr. Uğur Batı, “Persuasion, Manipulation, Ignorance and the Brain in the Devil’s Shoe”
In his speech titled, the effect of bias in perception, based on the Çiftlik Bank case in our country,
relationship between human and ignorance, herd psychology, social/social proof principle, propaganda, manipulation,
He talks about the concepts of persuasion, reality blindness, fraud and booty culture. West, neuroscience,
The principles of “deception and persuasion” with the outputs of disciplines such as anthropology, communication and social psychology.
handles it very impressively.

References in Education Content: McArthur Wheeler, Mehmet Known as Tosuncuk

Tedx Educational Video talks about a concept that can dominate all societies.
As a society, we have a concept that takes place in society. Characters who can defraud people are actually
It is said that they are completely ignorant, but there is an incredible energy within them. McArthur
Western, ignorant bravery and bias in perception, alluding to the bank robbery by Wheeler
It addresses some criminals with this power that can manipulate even mentally focused people.
Social issues such as politics, economy, education, theater and cinema are included in the external references.
People with criminal records are mentioned.
Many names are given as examples of how easily it can be defrauded. Castelli, Jet Fadıl, Tosuncuk
He discusses the Farm Bank robbery in detail and refers to the Mehmet Aydın typography.
The tipping is defined as a factor that does not give confidence.
It is called the national IQ test and is directed to Elon Musk to increase the use of artificial intelligence more.
is requesting…
He refers to the prefrontal cortex, referring to Herd Psychology. Even addiction to herd psychology
information about the satisfaction and pleasure of social obedience and sense of authority.
Since we decide first and then seek rationality, if we are wrong in internal attributions, we will lose our lives.
He mentions that it will hurt less.
It also refers to the loot culture. He calls the robbery as the summary of everything stolen…
One of the references is the threshold of honesty. A non-original book using a fake bag
If you are getting it, it means that you are actually more likely to cheat.
There is no big bribe. Bribes can be taken if a sufficient amount is offered…

In the sentences used in the foundation stages of Çiftlik Bank, it was mentioned about the way of addressing the public and some
refers to the way authorities treat the public. “We’re going to spoil London’s tricks, foreign outposts.
He presents his opening speeches as an example.
We’re actually addressing a social issue. Some clear behaviors we have as a society.
exists and unfortunately this is known to all, “every ignorant is boldly known”.
tangibles, lack of grayness, the consequences of not being socialized, the difficulty of using dialectics affect us all.
in fact, it drags them into a helpless collective consciousness.
Position Size Evaluation in Attribution Theory:
It is an internal or external dimension. In the evaluation of the people who invest in Ciftlik Bank, the investment
The individual who relies on other people’s investments and profits to make
The idea of ​​success in investing in Çiftlik Bank and making a profit and maintaining it
We can see his impulse in internal references. This individual, who learned that he was defrauded by Çiftlik Bank, is now
It can also be found in external attributions. Other people invest the money they lost by believing in this investment tool.
He can attribute this trust to the fact that he receives this trust and invests money after they have done so.
It can be controlled as well.
this investment for people to take care of their own children and offer them a better future.
that they trust his vehicle, but after he was defrauded, he said, “He is not defrauded, this is the target of us.
example where the circumstances in the hands of the defrauder are an external and controllable point
can be given.

Evaluation of Covariance Model in Attribution Theory:
Consensus is examined in terms of distinctiveness and consistency. Consensus information is related to the same stimulus.
It is the information of whether others have reacted as well. For example, many people have responded to Ciftlik Bank and Mehmet Aydın.
can be said to trust and invest money and see the facility and trust. In the knowledge of distinctiveness, people already
politicians or artists they find trustworthy, rather than other advertised investment vehicles.
Distinction information if investing in Çiftlik Bank, which it opens or celebrates
available. As an example of consistency; Mehmet, who is not very reliable by Çiftlik Bank and societies
During the fraudulent news about Aydın, people still believe that “investments”
continue their investments in line with whether they continue to receive their rewards.

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