Your teeth are important. In order to have healthy teeth, first of all, without interrupting your mechanical dental care, it will bring a healthy appearance as a result. However, just because the teeth are healthy in terms of bacteria and cavities does not always mean that they are white. There is a discoloration of the teeth due to the dyes accumulating in the enamel over time and the deformation that occurs in the structure of the enamel, in which case the teeth whitening efforts with conventional methods will often go unanswered. Since the whitening effect of toothpastes will not be as high as it is thought, it should be used at home. teeth whitening You may need physician support for applications. So why do our teeth change color?


The tooth is a very hard structure made of calcium mineral. Calcium is normally a white mineral and is characteristically almost identical to ceramic. This is why materials such as ceramic and zirconium are used in prostheses. However, as we all know from the ceramic kitchenware at home, all surfaces are covered with foreign materials due to external factors over time. Our teeth, on the other hand, are exposed to serious dyes many times a day and it is not possible for them to turn yellow.

At this point, it is necessary to distinguish color changes caused by caries and some structural diseases from those caused by external causes. For example; no color change due to caries teeth whitening method cannot be resolved with Because the color change occurs inside, not outside. Therefore, without consulting your doctor. teeth whiteningIt is a recommended behavior that you do not apply to the elements and even go to the dental check-up regularly.

Teeth, for example; They are all affected by beverages such as tea and coffee, foods and harmful habits such as smoking, and these stains will not be easily removed from the surface they penetrate. Consider that our mugs are covered with a brown texture after a while, even if they are being washed, since tea and coffee are consumed. This stain, which even detergents cannot remove, is the case for our teeth as well.

Toothpastes, on the other hand, may have limited effects if used regularly. Although some whitening is achieved with special pastes containing bleaches in their components, clinical methods for full whitening will show the highest effect.


Teeth whitening methodsare collected in two groups as clinical methods;

  • Office Type Teeth Whitening
  • Home Type Teeth Whitening

Special bleaching solutions are used in both methods, but at home whitening While it is a time-based process, the process is accelerated with laser in office whitening. Let’s briefly consider these methods;

home teeth whitening is the application performed with special gels. In methods that cannot be supplied externally and must be applied under the control of a physician, the gel applied to the teeth is washed after waiting for 6-8 hours and the process can be repeated depending on the condition of the tooth color. The first phase of this application should be carried out under the supervision of a physician.

Office teeth whiteningas well as solutions ultravioletor laser accelerated applications. In fact, this is the most effective method. It is the application that takes place in the form of intervention with laser or similar rays to the tooth enamel, which is covered with the solution, after the gums are covered with a special protective gel. There is no harm in terms of health from laser and ultraviolet rays, besides, all precautions are taken at universal standards in clinical practice.

Other Methods

If you do your daily dental care, your teeth will routinely maintain a certain level of whiteness. However, whatever you do, you will need other methods at some level. As we mentioned, the effects your teeth are exposed to are too strong for toothpastes to neutralize. For this reason, you should visit your physicians to have regular dental check-ups and get support from dentists for teeth whitening.

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