Penis Size Obsession in Men

Nowadays, many men ask, “Is my penis size normal?” It affects her sexual life negatively with the question of her, and she has intense anxiety with the weight of this problem. Even some parents may have similar doubts about their boys. This issue has become a difficult taboo in our country, as it is in every male-dominated society.

The penis size issue can be accepted as an indicator of power and authority even among well-educated people today. Because the penis size has been identified with the sexuality of the man and has been perceived as a guarantee of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. However, there is no standard for this subject. Penis size may differ according to people of various races and living in different climates. The length of the stretched penis, which is approximately 2.5 centimeters at birth, reaches 5-6 centimeters before puberty. In adolescence, many men may experience various doubts and depressions about the size of their organs. At puberty, the penis size increases approximately twice and reaches 8-10 centimeters. In case of erection, this value nearly doubles and becomes 14-16 centimeters tall. As a result, while the average penis length is 14 centimeters in an adult male, penises between 8-18 centimeters are considered normal sizes.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no direct relationship between penis size and sexual performance. There is little correlation between the size of an erect penis and a man’s ability to satisfy a woman sexually. Unless the woman has been psychologically conditioned to believe to the contrary, penis size alone does not affect a woman’s sexual response or satisfaction from intercourse. Because the vaginal stimulation is concentrated in the ⅓ entrance part of the vagina. In other words, the most sensitive part of the vagina during sexual intercourse is the lower part closest to the entrance. The penis, whatever its size, will act as a stimulus to touch this part of the vagina. In addition, the main center of sexual sensitivity of women is the clitoris, not the vagina. During sexual intercourse, the clitoris does not touch the man’s penis, but the pubis area above the penis and is stimulated by the pressure of this area. From this point of view, it can be said that penis size cannot be the only criterion for a happy and satisfying sexual life. It is more important than penis size for the couple to establish an open and sincere communication with each other and to value each other’s desires, wishes and expectations for a satisfying and healthy sexual life. However, if the vagina is of normal size, the clitoris is hardened and the vagina is wet enough, the penis is large enough to cause physical discomfort or it is too small to touch the vagina during sexual intercourse, which may cause problems for sex, but this problem can be solved by learning new lovemaking techniques. In addition, for problematic situations, the length of the penis can be enlarged by a maximum of 3-5 centimeters by surgical methods.

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