I wanted to inform the parents by writing this article because of the child abuse news that I have come across in recent years and the discomfort I have experienced. Known colloquially as “pedophilia”, “pedophilia” is a severe form of child abuse that is covered up and denied by most people.

Pedophilia patients are mostly people who are exposed to an abuse in their childhood, hide it and face this trauma that is left unfinished in the following years, and seek to satisfy their curiosity. However, since they are deprived of the ability to control this situation in childhood, they want to relive their trauma by sexually attacking children and this time they aim to become masters. This role change takes them to the next level and they are no longer victims but proud. As this situation is repeated, they begin to enjoy it.

When we look at the diagnostic criteria, in order to be diagnosed with pedophilia, the person who engages in sexual activity must be at least 16 years old. The second symptom sought is that this person should be at least five years older than the child he/she sexually abused. The inability of the person to control their sexual impulses or fantasies towards children is the last symptom that leads us to the diagnosis.

Currently, there is no definitive treatment for pedophilia. However, measures can be taken to control impulses and behaviors for people with this disease.

When it comes to child abuse, only a sexual dimension should not come to mind. Physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect of the child are also included in this dimension. However, sexual abuse is the most difficult to understand and reveal. The reason for this is that the child does not reach the maturity to understand it, interprets it differently or wants to keep it secret out of shame.

Our children are vulnerable to the people they trust the most.

Dear parents, many people think of individuals with pedophilia as disorganized, old people, living in remote places and only watching children living on the streets. However, pedophiles can sometimes appear as our next-door neighbors, our very trusted friends, babysitters, teachers, doctors, bus drivers and even family members.

Individuals with pedophilia often lure children into their trap by gaining their trust. The child who does not understand that what is done by the people he trusts is abuse, sometimes stays silent to protect them. The places that pedophiles choose to carry out their actions are mostly places where the child knows and feels safe.

Children are also very vulnerable to abuse, as they can be easily frightened and deceived. If the abuser is a close relative or relative and is threatened by the abuser, they may fear that no one will believe them. In fact, most children hold themselves responsible for the abuse they experience or do not want the perpetrator to be punished for their loyalty and keep this abuse secret. These children want to ignore this abuse and keep it secret because they think that if the situation they are experiencing is revealed, they will lose their value in the eyes of their parents and loved ones.

Dear parents, you must teach your child about his privacy and how much someone else can approach him. If anyone is approaching, you should react and tell him that he should share this situation with you. However, in the event of a possible abuse, you must first be able to establish a healthy communication so that your child can share this incident with you. The rigid attitude exhibited by the desire to establish authority over the child breaks the communication between the parent and the child. In order for children to come to you without fear or embarrassment, you should show them a warm and sincere approach, not a rigid one.

Pedophilia is a serious crime please don’t stay silent!

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