Pediatric dental treatment (pedodontics), preventive dentistry

Pedodontics, also known as Pediatric Dentistry, is the department that aims to protect the health of milk and permanent teeth of 0-14 age group children and to treat the diseases that occur.

What Should We Do to Prevent Baby Bottle Caries?

Since the treatment of bruises in babies is very difficult, it is necessary to take the preventive measures that we will write below in the early period. These;

Prevent your baby’s habit of sleeping with a bottle in his mouth at night.

Do not add sweeteners such as sugar, honey, molasses to the milk in the bottle.

Make sure to drink water after the baby is fed.

With the first teeth eruption, even after the baby is born, clean the palate after night and morning feedings by wiping the teeth with a clean, sterile wet cheesecloth or sterile gauze.

In order to avoid orthodontic problems, the baby should get rid of the pacifier habit until the age of 2 at the latest.

What are Placeholder Dental Appliances?

In cases of early tooth loss, they are the appliances used to protect the position of the extracted milk teeth and to enable the permanent teeth to erupt in the right place. With premature extraction of milk teeth and premature loss for any reason, neighboring teeth will move towards that space. Placeholder appliances prevent crowding, chewing and speech disorders.

How Can We Prevent Early Tooth Decay in Children? How Can I Create a Healthy Diet for Children’s Teeth?

Children should not be fed at night when they go to sleep. The child should be taught the habit of brushing, especially around the age of 2 years.

A balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, eggs and grains should be established for the child. 21st century their children eat sugary and salty foods 3 times their needs . We should limit the consumption of sugar and all sweet foods not only in quantity but also in frequency. So measure and balanced nutrition is very important at all ages. It is recommended not to consume more than 1 dessert per day, and not to eat more than 1 square of 70%-80% cocoa dark chocolate. It is important to brush the teeth, especially after eating sweets and chocolate. The child should be given the habit of drinking buttermilk, unsweetened tea and drinking 10 glasses of water. Children should definitely be kept away from cakes, chips, and biscuit-like candies containing monosodium/glutamate, glucose/fructose syrup, sold in markets. If possible, mothers should make their own cakes, pastries, and pastries in moderation, without overdoing it at home.

The perfect oral and dental health of children can be ensured by regular dental check-ups once every 6 months. During these controls, all kinds of problems that threaten oral and dental health can be detected. The important thing here is the early diagnosis and treatment of these problems. Early diagnosis in pediatric patients will positively affect the physical and emotional development of the child.

Among pediatric dental treatments, everything that can be done to adult people can be done (filling, root canal treatment, etc.), preventive medicine methods such as applying fluorgel, which protects children’s teeth from decay, are also applied.

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