Pathological Associations

Narcissistic and hysterical people complement each other like beans and rice. In contrast to the positive, self-confident self-perception that the narcissistic man seemingly reflects, he burns with the desire to be admired and appreciated from the outside. They are generally described as charismatic people in society. They mask their fragile and insecure structure, which includes weak, envy and inferiority complex, by taking extreme care in their appearance and clothing. Their main purpose is to hide the weak insecure child inside with their fake and superficial charismatic structures.

In their emotional and social relations, the couple goes to the path of exploiting, manipulating, devaluing the other people and thus making the hysterical structures in need of approval dependent on them…. Yes, the narcissistic structure loves dependent personalities.

People with narcissistic personality disorder see themselves as superior to other people and have a tendency to humiliate even when praising someone else, which even though the narcissist is praising the other person is only momentary or has even taken into account their long-term interests.

These people have developed a lifestyle of being parasitic and emotionally and materially exploiting others, which is why they choose their female victims from hysterical or dependent, insecure people in need of approval and attention that they can use financially and status-wise. Because the privileges that a woman with histrionic personality disorder will give with the desire to be appreciated dazzles our parasitic man even from a thousand kilometers away.

And thus, our woman’s relationship with the narcissistic prince, whom she chose as an approval authority with her hunger for admiration, begins. On the other hand, studies have shown that if any of the partners does not have a personality disorder, the average time spent with the narcissist is around four months. It is driven by an insatiable need for approval. Because the narcissist man has labeled his essentially weak personality as “not belonging to anyone”, and the other party is a candidate (victim) to make an effort and sacrifice to reverse this discourse…

While the hysterical woman is trying to camouflage her insecure nature with her happy, exaggerated, flirty, warm-blooded fake appearance, she is in fact ready to be the object of all the manipulative actions of the narcissist with her easy-going and suggestive nature. And as a result, the narcissist without beans and rice will not be left without a slapstick, until the moment when the woman ends up with nothing left to give, or until the moment when she realizes that she has a diseased relationship by making sure of her own relationship with healthy relationships outside, she looks for a way out and thinks she needs help.

Let’s get to know the narcissistic gentlemen a little more; they hide their fragile sense of self with a strong mask. Why?: because they do not have a strong sense of self, a solid sense of personality that could not be formed as a result of the child who was not given healthy feedback and on-site approvals by the family; Instead of living in the consistency of jelly, he made a fancy mask for himself and tries to live with applause. The more approval he needs, the more glowing jan jan mask and status he is, it’s that simple. The important distinction here is that if you normalize the humiliating, exploitative and unsatisfactory attitude of a narcissistic personality towards you and you think you deserve it, or if you can’t break away from your relationship despite the harm, you should think that there may be a problem with yourself. The subject is so clear: Does your narcissistic lover accept treatment? if it doesn’t, you should end the relationship, if you can’t, you should get support from a psychotherapist; You must analyze why you still intentionally chose to be in an environment in which you suffer.

Let’s also suggest a movie about our subject: gaslight “A 1944 US film directed by George Cukor. The name of the term “gaslighting”, which is a method of psychological manipulation, becomes the movie itself. Enjoy watching…

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