Partial male hormone deficiency (padam) in the bereaved man

It is a clinical and biochemical syndrome that is characterized by the decrease of androgens, the male hormone, with advancing age, and can affect more than one organ, thus causing serious changes in the quality of life. This syndrome is called andropause or PADAM (partial androgen deficiency). According to the research of the Turkish Andrology Association, the rate of men over 40 years of age in the Turkish Republic is 54%. The most common rate is 64% in Eastern Anatolia, 62% in Central Anatolia, 49% in the Black Sea, and 45% in Marmara. Effects and symptoms of testosterone deficiency in the elderly man;
Decreased libido (sexual desire), quality of erections, nocturnal erections, decreased ejaculation volume, and ED (erectile dysfunction)

Decrease in body hair, dry skin, sweating, hot flashes, In parallel with the decrease in bone mineral density, the risk of osteoporosis and back pain and bone fracture increases, They may become needy as the body muscle mass decreases, the force of contraction decreases and fatigue quickly, and the muscle atrophy increases. Contrary to a decrease in muscle tissue, an increase in fat tissue, especially in the abdomen, anemia due to a decrease in erythropoiesis, Along with the effect on brain cells, sleep disorder, depression, irritability, decrease in intellectual activity
diagnosis; AMS ( aging males ‘ symptom scale) is easily put in with the inquiry form and the detection of serum testosterone levels. A blood sample for testosterone should be taken between 7-11 am. Cases below 200ng/dl of total testosterone are called hypogonadism.
Currently, the best treatment method is the gel forms of testosterone and the long-acting intramuscular undeconate forms. Successes over 50% have been reported.
In terms of possible side effects, a lipid profile, cardiological examination, prostate examination with psa and rt, and kcft should be performed annually.
Possible benefits of testosterone replacement therapy; Increases sexual desire, improves erection quality increases muscle mass and strength, decreases abdominal fat tissue, increases bone density Provides improvement in mental ability, improves mental state, provides quality sleep, improves physical performance and activity increases the quality of life.

The risks of its treatment are; May increase progression of undiagnosed prostate cancer can increase symptoms of bph,

causes polycythemia, exacerbates sleep apnea,

causes fluid retention, gynecomastia (breast growth) may occur, May cause prolonged erection.

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