Parent Coaching and Counseling

Parental Counseling is a suitable choice for you if you have a child of any age group, if you are a caregiver, raise him, if you are a mother or father, if you are experiencing one or more of the problems experienced by many parents, and if you are staying in situations where you do not know how to behave.

Particularly when it comes to children, the extent and severity of problems vary. The problems experienced can be reflected in every area of ​​your life. For example, if there is a child who witnesses a husband and wife argument, it becomes both a marriage and couples issue and a parenting issue.

Family ties are important. There is a risk of weakening the ligament as it is systematically injured. It is important to strengthen this bond or not to damage it. Problems with children can weaken this bond without you realizing it. You may experience problems with both your children and your marriage.

Being a family is a more comprehensive process in the causation of family problems than a problem perception such as communication problems. Being a family is a set of family-specific interactions. Izana creates family-specific solutions by making good use of these interaction rings.

Who Can Benefit From Parent Coaching?

  • Those who have a busy work life and cannot spare enough time for their family (especially fathers)

  • Those who have communication and interaction problems within the family

  • Parents who are divorced or about to divorce

  • Those with conduction problems with their children

  • Those who take care of their spouse’s child

  • Have children with various behavioral problems

  • Those who want to be a better example / model for their children

  • Those who want to help their children in exam or career choice

  • expectant parents

  • Those who want to get support for the arrival of the new sibling

  • Those who have problems with their child’s school success

  • People with puberty problems

  • Those who do not know how to help their children about their private lives and how to talk to their children

  • Those who have not been able to establish the necessary bond with their children due to health, work or special circumstances

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