Parent Child Relationship

The child learns to express himself and to be a self-directed individual from his family. Especially parents are identification models that play a fundamental role in the formation of the child’s personality. The child takes these identification models as an example and learns their lifestyles through imitation. In this learning process, he needs love, trust, belief in those around him, independence, in other words, he needs to be able to do some things on his own as he grows up.

The best way to establish a relationship with children is to first hear and listen to the child and try to understand what he is saying. Listening facilitates understanding between parent and child. Baby development and child development can only progress properly with the correct parent-child communication. . For this reason, it is necessary to have strong family relations. If parents want to improve their children’s selves, they should set an example for them not with words but with actions.

Children in early childhood learn how to communicate primarily by watching their parents, and they create new behaviors by observing the results. In a healthy parent-child communication, communication is direct and open. In order for parents to give correct and effective messages to their children, they need to know the communication methods and pay attention to some rules.

The mother-child relationship has an important function in the development of social relations in children. The healthy communication established between the mother and the child forms the basis for the child to establish positive relationships with others. Children who develop secure attachment are described as leaders among their peers in the future, socially involved, interested in others, willing to learn, related to their environment and collaborative.

When parents set appropriate boundaries for their children, the child’s judgment and conscience develop. It also helps the child’s process of understanding and learning about his environment and events. Parents should first get to know their children; they should be guided in line with their interests and abilities. In this matter, they should not judge according to their own passions and desires.

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