Parent Attitudes

Over-giving, protective and undisciplined attitude:In this attitude of love and

indiscipline is at two extremes. Little is expected of the child and discipline

no matter how much the child grows up, the family gives it to him in the first years.

always inclined to give and protect. grown in this style

The child has difficulty taking responsibility. May have a hard time knowing your limits

and self-confidence problems. As a result of overprotection

tolerance and pampering, and this time the child

begins to rule. These children are spoiled, selfish, do not give rights to others

and they tire their surroundings with endless requests.

Disinterested and overly undisciplined attitude:In this attitude, the child does not love enough.

and is neglected and forced into independence in ages when it is not ready. This

attitude can also be called a rejecting attitude. Children see themselves as valuable

lacks emotion. Children with this attitude

they have a hard time explaining.

Over-giving, protective and over-disciplined, controlled attitude:love is overwhelming

and presented in a protective manner. But like a baby

There is much to be expected from him. These expectations with love

When presented together, it is easily adopted by children and becomes self-contained.

digested. The child with this attitude puts excessive control over himself and

may have difficulty understanding others. Child abiding by the rules, careful

it could be. But he can become shy, unable to make his own decisions.

Unstable and unstable attitude:Sometimes in the face of the child’s behavior

Saying “Yes” and sometimes “No” is the child’s right and wrong.

causes it to fail. Child indecisive and inconsistent behavior

He doesn’t know how to act in front of him. Because the behavior in this situation is

In another case, it was unacceptable behavior. boy this

In this case, there will be internal conflicts and unrest. this attitude

He will begin to show inconsistent and unbalanced behavior towards them.

Inconsistency between parents’ attitudes:In this attitude, a child

It is in question that the mother has a separate attitude and the father has a different attitude. To the child

in the behavior of parents in order to maintain the limits set.

it has to be consistent.

The child’s self-concept is what the elders who are important to him show him.

negative attitudes from parents because it is a reflection of attitudes,

It can result in the child deeming himself worthless. desired behaviors

not rewarded and supported when the child is approved and

has increasing difficulty in distinguishing from his/her disapproved behaviors.

In addition to all these attitudes, there is a healthy personality development of the child.

There are more attitudes:

Reliable, Tolerant – Democratic Family Attitude:

It is essential to give unconditional love to the child. Democratic parents

Respect as a human being. Every child has his own pleasure traits.

accepts, does not compare sister, brother, sister. The child’s abilities

It allows him to reveal himself at the best level, to realize himself. Thick

It brings principles instead of rules, explains the reason for these principles. your child

aims to develop self-discipline. Entrepreneurial, responsible raising children


Boundaries are taught to the child and they must be free and have a say within these limits.

is targeted. While making decisions on various issues, the child’s opinion is also taken.

There is harmony between spouses in the democratic parental attitude. common attitude

is displayed. Children who grow up in such an environment are independent, self-confident,

They grow up as responsible individuals with high self-esteem.

Every parent’s attitude towards their children is different, knowingly or unknowingly.

can happen. Some children are loved more, some are pressured.

and some are seen as unloved, unwanted children.

All these attitudes are different aspects of the child’s personality and social development.

gives rise to forms.

You as a parent; collaborative, enjoys working,

for the development of creative, conscientious individuals who love other people,

and in a balanced environment, where responsibilities are shared and tolerance prevails.

sensitive, balanced and healthy children with a democratic attitude

you can grow.

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