Panic Disorder

Hello everyone, today I’m going to talk about panic disorder, which is popularly known as ‘Panic Attack’.

What is Panic Attack?

In short, we can define a panic attack as ‘the most intense state of anxiety’, but if we make another definition, it is the state of having feelings such as ‘I am bored, depressed’ in a person whose beginning and end is not clear. We feel this attack state in our body, body and mind.

Panic Attack Symptoms:

-Heart Palpitation FEELING

– Dizziness




-Nausea, Vomiting




It shows signs like:

The question of whether every person who feels these symptoms is having a panic attack may come to mind, and the answer is no. We cannot say that every person experiencing these symptoms is having a panic attack or having a panic disorder. In order for us to say that we have panic disorder and panic attack, at least 4 of the symptoms must appear within 10 minutes. If 3 of these symptoms are seen, we call it ‘Partial Panic Attack’.

In fact, a panic attack is not a disease, it is a panic disorder. Panic disorder is characterized by recurrent panic attacks. These two are very confusing concepts.

To call a person panic disorder, they must have spontaneous recurrent seizures. The symptoms experienced reach the highest point within 10 minutes, but begin to decrease after 10 minutes.

We can see a panic attack in several ways.

-spontaneous onset

-Depending on a situation, for example in certain environments (this can be a social environment or when animals such as cats, dogs, birds are seen).

-Or it can be situational, for example, in a confined space.

One of the things people with panic disorder do is DISCOVER the symptoms they’re feeling in their body and misinterpret them. In this case, it increases their anxiety and panic even more.

People with panic disorder resort to avoidance in order not to have these attacks, in this case, the person’s function is impaired and they cannot cope, however, a vicious circle occurs.

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