Panic Disorder

Panic disorder, also known as panic attack cases, have been increasing from past to present. Its basic explanation is a disease that comes on suddenly and recurs from time to time, leaving the person in fear and horror. Panic attack, as we mentioned above, occurs suddenly and usually lasts between 10 and 30 minutes. The most intense time is the minutes after 10 minutes. The patient can mostly overcome this crisis on his own, but there is a small chance that the patient will faint from panic.

Panic disorder is a mental disorder and it disrupts the psychology of the person over time. In order to eliminate panic disorder, personal therapy is mostly performed. In this direction, the patient will return to his old self over time and the panic disorder will no longer exist. However, of course, the duration of this therapy varies from person to person. While some patients may recover in 3 weeks, some patients may recover in 3 months. Therefore, we can say that the recovery period of this disease completely depends on the psychological state of the person. In such cases, it is absolutely necessary to consult a specialist psychologist. If therapy is not taken, the psychology of the person will deteriorate more and he will have panic disorder attacks more often. This can cause serious damage to the person.

The symptoms of panic disorder are many. The patient mostly has at least 4 of these symptoms. Although very rare, the patient may not show any symptoms, but even if he does not show any symptoms, it can be understood from the patient’s behavior that he has panic disorder. The symptoms of panic disorder are:

  • Extreme fear of death.

  • Fear of losing control and going crazy.

  • Frequent chills and chills.

  • Seeing the living or non-living things around them as differentiated.

  • Chills or sudden onset of fever.

  • Numbness or tingling in the body.

  • Sudden shortness of breath and shortness of breath.

  • dizziness.

  • Feeling like you’re going to faint.

  • Nausea or abdominal pain.

If you have at least 4 of these and similar symptoms, you should consult a psychologist immediately. Otherwise, you may unknowingly have a nervous breakdown, which can harm you. As we said, although rare, the patient may not show any symptoms. However, panic disorder can be understood from their behavior. You can go to a specialist psychologist immediately and benefit from personalized therapy services…

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