Panic attacks and blocked psychic channels are a therapy history

My female client, 35-40 years old, who is a teacher, applied to our center because of her son’s lack of attention. She then made an appointment for herself.

About 3 years ago, when he was alone at home, he suddenly started to have heart palpitations, had difficulty breathing, had an intense fear of fainting or even dying. He immediately called his wife and was taken to the hospital. He suspects that he has a heart condition because his father also passed away from a heart attack. However, doctors who do the necessary tests say that he has a panic attack and starts to use drugs. After a while, palpitations reappear, this time accompanied by fears of drowning, and even fainted in a minibus once.

In his own words, “Life was unbearable now and living with these fears all the time was worse than dying.”

One of his words caught my attention in the 4th session: I can’t cry!

I asked him how long he hadn’t cried. He thought, thought, thought and

“And when I was 11, I couldn’t even cry at my father’s funeral.” said.

At the age of 11, my client listens to a speech made by her parents through the doorway. The father tries to persuade her by explaining to the mother that she has financial difficulties and that it is a good idea to give her daughter, who is my client, to a boarding dormitory. The child collapses after this speech, and he is incapable that evening. (While telling the story of his illness, he said “my hand often went numb” before I was diagnosed with a panic attack.) His family, especially his father, loved it. that you don’t want or even loveMy client, who thinks about it, is sent to a boarding dorm after the 5th grade.

He was very upset, very angry with the father and could not tell him that he did not want to go.


In the second half of the 6th grade, one morning in April, in the second lesson, the student on duty comes and says that my client was IMMEDIATELY called by the principal. His uncle, sitting in the principal’s office, takes him home without saying a word. When he gets close to the house, he sees the crowd, goes inside, and when he sees his father’s funeral in the middle of the hall, he is Frozen. She can’t cry, she can’t say anything, she can’t hug… She hasn’t cried since that day. But it was the first time he could remember that in therapy.

We think we forget the events that bother us. We can’t really remember if someone asks. Yes consciousness he forgot, it’s true, he forgets BUT subconscious He will not forget and will remind you one day.

We went to that moment, he looked at his father’s face, held his hand, while telling him how angry he was with him, how much he loved him and how much he missed him, tears began to flow from his eyes, he sobbed for 15 minutes, cried, cried. And it’s gone.

He called 3 days later, said he was very well, we met again in therapy a week later. He stated that tons of loads have been lifted from him, that he is as light as a bird, that he is experiencing a PEACE that he cannot describe and has not experienced until now.

He called after 6 months, said that he was very good, said that the peace in the family had increased and thanked him.

When a clogged channel is opened in subconscious healing, all other spiritual channels are opened, when the soul relaxes, the body finds peace and I witnessed the magnificent nature of man again…

Wishing everyone a life full of PEACE….

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