panic attack status

We can say that it is an anxious and fearful mood that develops very quickly in its clearest form to the question of what is a panic attack. It has a sudden onset. There is no significant difference in general mood until the person does not have a panic attack. However, at the time of a panic attack, the person may become highly anxious and fussy. We can say that they cannot recognize their surroundings from time to time, as they may have difficulties in speaking and establishing relationships at that moment. In case of such a seizure, intense physical symptoms such as tightness in the heart, pain in the rib cage, shortness of breath, sweating in the body and palms, and turning in the head may come into play. The duration of the seizure can last from 10 minutes to several hours on average. During this period, recurrent anxiety is not always of the same severity and course. Due to the anxiety and fuss experienced during the seizure, the person waits for help from the people around at that moment and may try to reach the nearest health unit. If the person has been able to consult a doctor or specialist, remission can be seen. After the attack is over, the person starts to think that they may experience a similar event again due to the extreme fear and panic they feel, and sometimes even sits and waits for it. In this moment of waiting, it focuses intensely on physical symptoms. This situation is called expectation anxiety. The level of anxiety experienced increases so much that they often cannot get on the bus, plane or elevator. With the increase in the level of anxiety, the person may start to produce different unhealthy thoughts. These thoughts may include losing their minds, fear of dying or fainting.

Should You Get Help?

The symptoms that are frequently encountered during the attack process are listed below. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it will be helpful for you to get support.

Sudden hot or cold flushes, a kind of hot flush or feeling cold

heart rate too fast

Don’t feel like you’re about to die

Body numbness, tingling sensation

A feeling of tightness or pain in the rib cage

Dizziness with dizziness

Feeling like you’re out of reality and disconnecting from your surroundings

Thoughts like I’m going crazy

What Does the Help Process Gain You?

A rapid decrease will be achieved in these symptoms experienced due to panic attacks.

You will have learned how to keep the attacks under control and how to deal with it.

Most importantly, by entering the process of feeling good, you will be able to eliminate the problems that develop in your social life in a healthy way.

With future-oriented studies, you will be able to stop the transition of the moments of fear and anxiety to the attack state.

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