Panic Attack and Panic Disorder

I also have a panic attack, we often hear similar things in our environment, like my mother’s panic attack. In fact, panic attack is not a psychiatric illness or diagnosis per se. Panic attacks can occur in the context of anxiety disorders, as well as in other mental disorders (e.g. depression disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance use disorders) and certain health conditions (e.g. cardiac, respiratory, balance-sensory [vestibular], gastro-intestinal ) may also occur.

Panic attack,

It is an intense bout of fear or distress that begins suddenly and rapidly intensifies, often accompanied by a strong sense of danger, with a definite beginning and end.

panic disorder

Among the anxiety disorders, it is the most common, chronic or recurrent disorder that causes familial, social and functional disability. Panic disorder is clinically seen most often together with agoraphobia. The group with panic disorder and agoraphobia together constitutes more than 50% of the patients.

Definition: Having panic attacks that are not regularly and consistently associated with a particular object or situation, and that are often spontaneously recurrent.

Panic attacks are not due to physical fatigue or encountering a life-threatening or dangerous situation.

What Causes Panic Disorder?

1 Physical aptitude (Heredity)

2 Personality Traits (Dependent-

Avoidant Personality Traits)

3 Environment and life events

Specifically, panic-focused cognitive behavioral therapy and drug therapy have both been shown to be effective for panic disorder.


• It has been shown with empirical data that it is effective in the treatment of panic disorder.

• No known side effects

• Wide application area (drugs are given to each patient)

not applicable)

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