Panic attack

Anxiety is a natural and necessary emotion for every human being. In cases where it is functional, it undertakes the task of protecting the person. However, sometimes the person feels that they cannot manage their anxiety and thoughts that come with anxiety. In such cases, physical symptoms such as palpitations, chest tightness, pruritus, and abdominal pain may also occur. The state of extreme anxiety is sometimes accompanied by fear. This elicits the “fight or flight” response to the situation the person is facing.

A panic attack is a sudden outburst of fear for no apparent reason. People experiencing panic attacks; They experience some of the physical or cognitive symptoms at the same time, such as heart palpitations, difficulty in breathing, self-alienation, chest pain, intense fear, and hot flashes. These symptoms are the body’s fight-flight response to a dangerous situation. The symptoms quickly reach their peak, become incomparable to the real danger, and disappear completely within a few minutes. While experiencing these symptoms, the person may have difficulty speaking and remembering. The frequency and intensity of panic attacks can vary.

Panic Attack Symptoms:

• Palpitations

• Sweating

• Shaking or shaking

• Feeling unable to breathe or suffocating

• Chest pain or tightness in the chest

• Nausea or abdominal pain

• Dizziness, lightheadedness, feeling of fainting

• Chills, chills or hot flashes

• Numbness, tingling, numbness

• Self-alienation or alienation from outside

• Fear of losing control

• Fear of going crazy

• The fear of death

Panic attacks are not dangerous, but they are scary. How the person perceives and interprets the situation is more important than himself. After these attacks, the person may experience depression, phobia or medical problems.

Although a panic attack is experienced as a catastrophic experience for the person, it is a treatable condition. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and EMDR are among the therapy methods used in treatment.

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