Panic attack

“I can’t think of anything, I just think I’m going to die, I feel death. I go to the hospital, all the tests are done. but i have nothing. “

Panic attack; It is the result of the natural fear mechanism coming into play.

The first symptoms of a panic attack are known as heart palpitations, shortness of breath, numbness, tingling, sweating, chest pain and hot flashes. In short, all the findings that will make you feel helpless and sick are present in a panic attack.

These people have a very healthy body from the outside. After examinations by doctors, they are confirmed to be healthy, but if the symptoms persist, a psychologist should be consulted. So, let’s examine how we can get rid of this disease.

First of all, we need to accept the current situation. When you realize that there can be no good result with a physical intervention, it is psychological, it means that the healing process begins for you.

Although panic attacks often show signs of anxiety and fear, it is very important for the person to realize whether they are really in danger at that moment. Before we worry, we need to realize that what we experience in our body is due to a panic attack. With breath control, the acceleration of the pulse and respiration should be controlled. For breath control, we need to breathe through the nose and count to six, and then slowly exhale through our mouth.

If the environment we are in is suitable for us, we can try to calm down by closing our eyes and focusing on feeling the places where our hands or feet touch, in order to reduce the effect of the stimuli on us.

Panic is a more intense state of anxiety and fear. Every emotion has a function. The function of fear and panic is to protect you against danger. So you take precautions to avoid damage. When our lives are at risk, everything is at risk. Therefore, there is an alarm center in the brain. In the midbrain, the amygdala region provides the feeling of fear, and as in every living thing, we have to either fight or flee from danger.

Now I will explain to you 7 methods of fighting a panic attack.

1. Regulate your breathing

2. Move

3. Turn off one of our emotions

4. Distract yourself

5. Inform someone in your circle

6. Avoid stimulants

7. You can get professional help.

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