Panic attack

Panic doesn’t come to make you unhappy, it comes because you’re unhappy.

If we briefly define panic disorder; We can say that “distress comes in attacks and often unexpectedly and intensely”.
We all experience distress from time to time, but the difference is that the person’s life is clearly affected, accompanied by fear of death or going crazy, and having at least 4 of the following physical and psychological symptoms.

1- Palpitations, 2- Sweating, 3- Shortness of breath, 4- Shaking, 5- Abdominal pain, 6- Chest pain or distress, 7- Nausea, 8- Shaking, 9- Dizziness, 10- Feeling of lightheadedness, falling or fainting, 11-feeling of unreality, feeling as if you are going to leave yourself, feeling of losing control, 12-numbness, tingling, 13-chills, 14- hot flashes.

In the first attacks, hospital emergency services are usually applied, after a while, the fear of going out can be added to the event. The person is constantly nervous and starts to avoid many things for fear of having an attack, symptoms such as staying away from the places where the attack comes from, carrying water or medicine, and not being able to be alone.

What is the treatment of panic attacks?
Full recovery is unlikely without perceiving the philosophy or message of the panic. What I want to say is that a panic attack is actually a consequence. When the question “What am I doing wrong in life that my body reacted to” is answered, the treatment begins. For example, you have a very giving, always harmonious, counter-focused nature that helps everyone, or you carry too much material, physical and spiritual burden, and in fact, a panic attack is a reaction of the body to protect you from the excessive burdens you carry. Imagine, for the above reasons, you are tired and your heart is pounding; in fact, your heart says “you’re tired enough”, that is, it says friendly things to you, and you go to the doctor in the emergency room and say “shut up the heart doctor,” you can’t see that what you really need to do is listen to the voice of your heart.
When we make our client realize these philosophy and tips, the person will be motivated to get rid of the burdens. Releasing the burden relaxes the person, and in addition, we work with our clients on issues such as understanding the factors that trigger panic, the contribution of bad breath.
In appropriate cases, we add drug therapy to the treatment temporarily. In my experience, panic is an exaggerated body defense that can be overcome when properly managed, and psychotherapy should definitely be used in treatment.

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