Pandemic and Children with Special Needs

Even in normal times, when many things are not going well in their lives, when they are already struggling enough.. Oh, and an epidemic…

Schools are on vacation, of course, rightfully so are private education institutions. How are these children with special needs and their families now? While it is difficult to keep some of our children in rooms at home for a long time, how do they cope in such a process? And what should we do to make this process easier for them?

First of all, we will be PATIENT, SIGNIFICANT AND CALM as parents, siblings, neighbors. It’s time for unity, solidarity and support. Please let’s give it justice..

You know, just as we adults are role models for all children, we will be role models for our children who have different needs. Believe me, children are stronger than us. You know, everyone knows that if a 3-year-old child and a 50-year-old adult have a broken arm, the recovery rate will be different and the child will surpass the adult by a wide margin. This is how children deal with their mental injuries faster than we do. Therefore, the more we normalize and calm the process; it will calm down and normalize the child like that.

Dear adults and families, please do not say that you do not understand or listen to me. Catch your most open moment of communication and explain it in a way that you can understand and age appropriately. Tell him so that he can understand what happened to this world.

First of all, our brain loves routine. Your special kids love routines. You know, many of our children react to change. Establish a daily routine at home. In this routine; If there are lessons, activities, free play, breaks, reading books, kitchen chores, you can create wonders.

Every person wants to occupy a place in this world, wants to be noticed, wanted to be known, to be seen.. So give him responsibilities for housework appropriate to his age.. For example, matching socks.. Look by doing this; You practiced a lot of skills such as color, matching, fine motor, long and short. Most importantly, you made him feel that he has a responsibility in this house and you strengthened his place in the world. Socks were an example, please diversify them, there are many pages of sites and we all have phones in our hands. I believe you can find even better ones.

I know there are families who are worried because their immunity is weak. What to do; It is best to call the doctor who follows and knows your child and to follow his recommendations.

You mean training, right? What about education? You are absolutely right. You will try to continue at home as much as possible, but ask your teacher. Seeing his teacher on the screen even for 5 minutes and hearing his voice will activate his memory. These 5 minutes, maybe 10, maybe 20. I’m sure valuable educators are already willing to do this..

Calmness, routine, the continuation of the lessons in the best way we can do at home will save us from this process with the least damage.

Hope to meet you in healthy days..

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