Pandemic and aesthetics

As a country, we left behind almost a year in the pandemic, when the pandemic first started, we all had fear, anxiety and the question of what will happen, and we experienced a serious closure. Afterwards, with the arrival of the summer months, there was a state of relaxation inevitably. We understood that we had to continue our lives somehow, and by getting used to this new normal, that is, mask-distance-hygiene rules, our new daily routines were formed. So while this whole process is going on?

-What were the aesthetic procedures or surgeries like?

-Do people have plastic surgery?

-Or would it be strange to make such a request?

Could working from home, flexible working, which is in our new normal, be an opportunity for the surgeries we postponed?

-Is it an advantage to use a mask in the procedures to be performed on our face?

Is it a disadvantage?

Our interviews are now going through with these and many more similar questions. Yes, we do plastic surgery and procedures during the pandemic period, and you are not the only one requesting this. If you ask whether it is strange to want plastic surgery or surgery in such a period, the answer depends on the point of view, but I think no.

The reason is that we are all used to the new normal now, our social life is more limited, if we do not have a job, we are not outside and we spend most of our time at home and unfortunately the aging process continues. We did a lot of things that we couldn’t find time for at the beginning of this process that we were at home, and now it’s time to take care of ourselves and we realized that the aging process continues. If you are at the age of 30, we have seen that your facial wrinkles begin to form and are even more pronounced now. If we got a little older, we saw that our eyelids also started to fall, our under-eyes collapsed or bags formed or our eyebrows fell. As we approached the age of 50, we noticed that our cheeks were drooping, this sagging increased in advanced ages and went down to the jaw line.

Yes, all these are unfortunately brought about by aging and this is a process that everyone experiences or will experience. This process was also going on before the pandemic, but in the intense hustle and bustle of daily life, maybe we were not paying attention or we could not spare time even if we noticed.

Returning to our questions, can we use this process as an opportunity? Yes. We recommend a post-operative recovery and rest period, especially for patients who are scheduled for surgery, and it is definitely an advantage to be at home during this period and to have a slower daily pace.

Another question we have is the use of masks, the use of masks in the operations performed on the face area is an advantage in a way. Swelling and perhaps bruises that will occur during the healing period can be more easily camouflaged. Of course, your doctor will tell you what to pay attention to when using a mask according to the surgery to be performed.

In summary, we are going through a difficult process as the world and unfortunately it is not clear when this process will end. When it is over, our old habits or order will most likely have changed. The only thing that remains unchanged is the fact that we are getting older and the changes it makes in our body.

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