pancreatic cancer

It has been reported recently that pancreatic cancer patients have problems related to gallstones or infection in the last 1 year, 6 times higher than normal people.

Diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is difficult, so there are often delays and patients are not caught in the stages that are likely to be cured. That’s why I wanted to share this information that I think is important.

In this study, which was reported from Boston University, the information of 18 700 pancreatic cancer patients between 2008 and 2015 was reviewed and these patients were compared with 99 287 patients without pancreatic cancer, and the following results were obtained.

According to this study, the probability of being diagnosed with gallstones in the last 1 year in patients with pancreatic cancer is close to 5% and the probability of having gallbladder surgery is close to 2%. For individuals without cancer, these odds are 0.8% and 0.3%, respectively.

We know that gallstones alone do not cause pancreatic cancer. However, knowing that gallbladder stone and infection problems are more related to gallbladder cancer may make it more likely to refer to sensitive tests when there is a doubt in this direction, and thus it may be possible to help patients.

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