Painless Tonsil Surgery

The tonsils are located on both sides of our throat and are the defense against microbes coming from outside.
are the organs that are part of our system. Fever, which we call tonsillitis during defense,
A disease that causes complaints such as sore throat, rash, weakness may occur. especially in children
In more common tonsillitis, the drugs given by your doctor can improve the healing of the disease.

However, chronic diseases that recur frequently (more than 3 times a year) and require continuous drug use.
breathing difficulties caused by infections and excessively large tonsils, snoring, sleeping with an open mouth,
In cases such as growth-development retardation, your doctor may need to remove the tonsils. Tonsil
surgeries are extremely pleasing interventions when deemed necessary by your ENT specialist. Endoscopic
With heat and pressure, which has been used for a long time in surgeries and vascular surgery, the tissues are non-bleeding.
Thermal, which was developed for the use of technology based on the separation of tonsils in tonsil surgeries.
Thanks to the Welding method, great convenience is provided in tonsil surgeries. Operation
Afterwards, the pain is often absent or felt quite lightly. Surgery with new technique
There is no bleeding during the operation and the ends of the vessels are closed with the effect of heat-pressure and can be maintained after the operation.
The possibility of bleeding is minimized.

Due to the benefits of the Thermal Welding technique and the comfort it provides to the patient, almost all tonsils
We choose this technique in our surgeries.

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