Tonsillitis is one of the most common infections in childhood and adolescence.
is coming. If inflammation occurs 4-5 times a year for two years in a row, it may be necessary to remove the tonsils.
Tonsil removal is never a simple operation. Severe bleeding can be life-threatening. Especially
In adults, the pain is severe, and recovery is delayed. The surgery must have adequate technical infrastructure and intensive
should be done in care centers.
In the classical method of tonsil surgery, the tonsil is separated from the surrounding tissues with the dissector. Separation of tissue
may form an irregular wound surface, healing occurs spontaneously over time. severe during this period.
there is pain. In the bleeding part of the surgery, the veins are shaped like a sailor’s knot with special suture materials.
tied or burned with cautery. Intervention with cautery causes late bleeding and pain during recovery.
it causes. In addition, recovery is adversely affected and delayed.
With the development of modern medicine, the tonsils are at the beginning of the ENT surgeries, which have become easier to surgery.
operation is coming. For tonsillectomy, that is, tonsil surgery, which has become the fearful dream of families
Thanks to the thermal welding device developed, tonsils can be removed painlessly and without bleeding. This
With this technique, the decomposition of the tissues and the boiling of the wound surfaces with the heat are simultaneous. very little pain
The bleeding risk is very low. The studies carried out in classical surgery lasted approximately four weeks.
showed that the biological wound healing is one week in the Thermal Welding method, so that the throat
Complaints such as pain and difficulty in swallowing are less.
In the Thermal Welding method, heat energy is used instead of electric current. Heat flow only
at the ends of the holding device. For this reason, the heat damage that may occur in the surrounding tissue is very low. cautery
The pain felt during the recovery period after the use of (electric current) is very less with thermal welding.
It is possible. The most important advantage of this technique is that it provides a non-bleeding environment and the operation can be performed with a single instrument.
is to be done. Thus, the operation time is shortened. The patient who was discharged from the hospital on the same day
return to their activities more quickly.

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