Pain disorder (psychogenic pain)

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Pain disorder is one of the somatoform disorders. In somatoform disorders, psychological disorders take physical form. It is thought that the physical symptoms of somatoform disorder, which has no physiological explanation and cannot be controlled voluntarily, most likely occur as a result of psychological causes related to anxiety.

The most distinctive feature of psychogenic pain is that it is prolonged and severe. There is no organic symptom in psychogenic pain, no tissue damage. The diagnosis of pain disorder is made when the onset, severity and duration of the pain cause significant distress and limitations in the patient and there is no organic pathology even after long investigations. The patient may become unable to work as a result of the pain or may develop addiction to painkillers and sedatives. People with a wide variety of pain (such as low back pain, headache, atypical facial pain) are evaluated in this group. Pain disorder begins at the age of 30-40, but is more common in women. In pain disorder, the pain usually starts suddenly and continues to increase in severity in the following weeks and months.


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