ozone therapy


Constructive treatments using ozone gas are called “ozone therapy”. A fairly old treatment management
The “ozone therapy”, which is one of the most popular, has started to be used more and more today with the emergence of its benefits day by day.
The most important feature of ozone therapy that should be known is not as “alternative medicine”, but as scientific effects of treatment effects.
It is known that it is a proven effective treatment method.
Ozone therapy, called “blood washing” by the Germans, has been used in many diseases and
continues to be used. The most important feature of ozone therapy is that it has many patient and disease-specific features.
can be given in different ways.


As a result of ozone treatment, you will have a renewed, firmer and smoother skin. ozone therapy skin blood
Since it increases circulation, it plays an important role in other procedures to give good results. With ozone therapy,
you get a cleaner, renewed, softer and younger looking skin.


– Lumbar and neck hernia, ischemic heart disease, AIDS, cancer, migraine, cholesterol
-Wounds, skin lesions, burns
-rheumatic diseases
-Eye diseases (macular degeneration)
-Periondontitis, tooth decay, root canal treatments, tooth cleaning
-circulatory disorders, cystic fibrosis,
-Viral diseases, bacterial-fungal infections (hepatitis B–hepatitis C, herpes)
-Diabetic foot, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel diseases
-Geriatric disorders (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia)
-Autoimmune diseases (multiple sclerosis, Behçet’s disease)
-Respiratory system diseases (asthma, COPD, SARS)
-Chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, mood disorders
-Chronic skin disorders (Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosesea)


Major Ozone Therapy

A large vein in the body of the individual is entered with a needle as if blood is drawn for examination, and approximately
100 to 150 ml of blood is taken. Blood bags specially prepared for everyone or in a vacuum bottle
The blood taken is ozonized with the same amount of oxygen. After the end of the ozonation process, the blood
It is given back to the body through the vein. Among the ozone therapy application methods, this method is the main therapy method.
known as. Therapeutic dose administration would be more accurate. However, at high doses, the patient may lose 10 sessions.
then it maintains the same oxygenation level for 1 year.

Minor Ozone Therapy

2 to 3 ml of blood is taken from the vein where major therapy was performed. Ozonated with the same amount of oxygen
It is then injected intramuscularly. The difference of minor ozone therapy, which is known as another branch of major therapy, is directly
is injected into the muscle. Although this method of application varies according to the disease, each
It is not applied during the session. By looking at the course of the disease, we make an application process to the person in 3 sessions. This
The purpose of the procedure is to ensure that the person’s self-immune system responds as if they had been vaccinated.

Rectal Ozone Therapy

Rectal ozone therapy, which is known as one of the ozone therapy methods that is not difficult to apply,
It’s not as annoying as you might think. The breech of the ozone and oxygen mixture with a very thin tube.
transferring it from the region of the body into the body can be defined as the application of this method. Ozone gas transfer
After the procedure, it is absorbed by the intestines of the individual and mixed with the blood.
In some patients, we prefer this method in cases where there is a problem in the vein or vascular access. Major
This method, which is known to be as effective as ozone therapy, is quite comfortable, contrary to what individuals think.
applicable. In the ozone therapy methods we do, the process is based on the disease and blood status of the individual.
we are doing. Rectal application also has extra benefits. Chronic diseases related to the large intestine
(Chron , Colitis Ulcerosa) to fatty liver, intestinal motility disorders, intestinal system
In this way, we provide higher efficacy against cancers.


Ozone is effective in cellulite through different mechanisms. By interacting with fatty acids accumulated in the skin,
cause it to break down and be expelled from the body. In addition, by increasing the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, capillary
With the improvement of blood flow through the vessels, the metabolism of adipose tissue cells returns to normal. made
Studies have shown that ozone therapy is more effective than the traditional treatment of cellulite.

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